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QTSpaces: Create Playlists & View 4 Videos At Once In Fullscreen [Mac]

You probably have your one favorite media player that you use for both audio and video files. If you’re a Mac user, that media player might just be iTunes or QuickTime. Both are exceptional, feature-rich apps, but imagine getting bit by a radioactive spider, sprouting an extra pair of eyes and being able to watch four videos at once. Even if that doesn’t happen, you might feel you need to watch several videos at once either for research or educational purposes (or, perhaps, just because you can). QTSpaces is a free Mac app built for just such purposes. It allows you to play four videos at once, switch to single video view, create playlists, and switch to fullscreen mode with each four of the videos taking up a quarter of the screen.

You will have to create a playlist before you an start adding and viewing videos. The app’s interface consists of the video viewer, the control panel and the playlist panel. When you first launch the app, you should see both the control and playlist panel. If you don’t hit the C and P keys, they will pop up. Add a playlist by clicking the plus sign in the bottom left of the playlist panel, and name it anything you want. Drag & drop videos on to the grid one by one. The top left grid is Frame 1, the one below it is Frame 2, the one in the top right is Frame 3 and the bottom right one is Frame 4. You can’t add more than four videos to a single playlist.


The control panel lets you switch to fullscreen or single view mode and play/stop all the videos at once. To control videos individually, right-click a frame and select Controller to view on-screen media controls in that particular frame. You can also send a video from one frame to the other from the Copy To.. option in the context menu.

QTSpaces frames

The app’s preferences offer few customization parameters; you can chose the skip interval and frame position when the playlists change.

QTSpaces preferences

If you select a playlist from the respective panel and click the play button on the main Control window, it will play all videos in that list. You can sync the videos and mute the volume on any one of them.

The app is ideal when you’re watching several instructional videos at once or you need to constantly cross reference something. As far as leisure use is concerned, you can use it to load several parts of series and switch easily once you’re through watching one.

Download QTSpaces For Mac

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