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Search Mac App Store And iTunes From Mac Menu Bar With Tunesque

Are you looking for a way to find movies, books, and apps from iTunes and Mac App Store without having to open online stores from respective applications? Although both iTunes and Mac App Store (available for Mac 10.6.6 and higher) provide convenient interface to initiate application search, users have to launch them separately to find and download apps for iOS devices and Mac OS X. Tunesque is small app for Mac which brings the convenience of finding applications, music, movies, and books available on iTunes and Mac App Store from system menu bar.

With Tunesque installed, you wont need to bring up Mac App Store and iTunes to search apps for respective platforms, just input the name in Tunesque search bar to view available items on both iTunes and Mac App Store.

Tunesque adds Mac Spotlight style search in menu bar with options to filter search by different categories, including, TV Shows, Mac Apps, eBooks, Audiobooks, Podcasts, iOS Apps, etc. From right-click context menu, you can bring up Preferences window to set search filters and choose search bar color scheme.

tunesque 1

Tunesque shows search results in real time, i.e it starts finding items from specified categories as you type. If multiple categories are selected, it will show all keyword related items in their respective groups, making it easier to find items from both iTunes and Mac app store. When you click the required app from the list, it will open the source link of the item in your default browser.


In short, Tunesque makes it easy to find apps from Mac App Store and iTunes Store. It works on Mac 10.6.6 or higher.

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[via Lifehacker]

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