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Sequenzetto: Affix Numerical Sequence To Folders & Files [Mac]

In the past, we’ve covered multiple apps that make it easy to rename files in bulk. Files are normally renamed on a given pattern or syntax that the app defines and where the user enters the variables. What most file renaming apps do is change the entire name of the file altogether. We recently recommended FreshBatch to replace a word or character in a file name with one of your choice. Sequenzetto is a Mac app that lets you add numbers to all files or folders, within a folder. It retains the original file name and simply adds numerical prefixes to each item.

To get started, launch the app and add a folder; click Browse Folder… to add a folder. If a folder has sub folders, the app will rename them, if it has files, the files will be renamed. Once you’ve added the folder, click Preferences and choose which number the app should start the sequence from, the incremental value of each number, and how many digit places the number should not exceed. Once done, click Rename Items to rename all the files in the folder.

The app will first show the number that will be affixed before each item, when you click Rename items, the number will be added to the file name. You can later remove it by selecting the same folder and selecting Remove Indices.


The application works on Mac 10.6.6 and later. Testing was carried out on Mac OS X 10.7

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