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Share Photos & Videos Between Mac & iOS Over WiFi With Transfr

iOS devices and Macs work very well with each other and it’s rare to hear complains about users having trouble connecting an iPhone or iPad with a Mac. Transferring photos and videos from them to a Mac via USB is also quite easy. If you don’t have one, you can still transfer pictures over Wi-Fi, provided you have the right apps installed on your phone and Mac. There is a large number of apps available for the purpose but Transfr provides possibly the most fluid experience of the lot, as long as you don’t mind the $1.99 price tag for its iOS app. Transfr is free for Mac and with its iOS companion app, it lets you receive photos and videos from your iDevice and save them to a predefined folder over Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Install Transfr on your Mac and select the folder to which the images and videos you receive will be saved. You can change the folder any time from the app’s preferences.

Transfr folder

Once you’ve selected a folder, Transfr will run in the Menu Bar and actively scan for incoming files from an iOS device running the Transfr app.

Transfr ready

On your iOS device, launch Transfr and allow it to access both your location and photos in your library. Select the images or videos you want to transfer, tap the menu button at the top right, and click ‘Send’.

Transfr select photos Transfr send

Transfr will now scan for Macs on the same network running the Transfr for Mac app and list them all. Just tap the computer you want to send your files to, and watch as they are uploaded. The Mac will receive the files without you having to expressly accept them on it. You will be able to view the transfer progress but once the transfer begins, there is no way to cancel it. If you aren’t connected to a Wi-Fi network, tap the ‘Connect Over Bluetooth’ button to send the files using Bluetooth. By default, Transfr will use Wi-Fi.

Transfr select Mac  Transfr send progress

File transfer progress isn’t shown on the Mac, and there is no way to decline receiving them either. There is also no file count for the number of files that are being received.

Transfr recieving

Transfr is great for its speed; most apps like this often have trouble connecting to Macs and the connection is repeatedly, lost but Transfr connects and transfers files perfectly. There should, however, be a way to manage which devices you can receive photos and videos from. Devices that you frequently receive files from should perhaps be whitelisted, but all incoming files that have been sent for the first time from a new device should not be accepted automatically for obvious security reasons.

Download Transfr For Mac

Download Transfr For iOS

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