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Simple Backup Utility: Backup Mac System / User Data To Network Drives

Although Mac OS X Time Machine provides a one-stop solution to backup and restore both system and user data, it comes with some limitations, which force enterprise clients/network users to consider third-party backup tools for backing up their important data to remote locations. You may know that Time Machine can only backup data on external storage medium and Apple Time Capsule (a Wireless router, network hard drive and print server packed into one). If you’ve been looking for a simple, yet powerful tool that can automatically mount network drive in order to seamlessly backup data to specified remote location, have a look a Simple Backup Utility. According to developer, it’s been designed for enterprise clients who are unable to use Time Machine in routed environments.

The application operates from system menu bar. After installation, click its menu bar icon to open Preferences. You need to specify both source and destination folders, and if backups are to be created on network drive, then specify the network drive you want to mount. Now enter the backup frequency (time interval for creating regular backups) and close the Preferences.

simple backup utility

Once backup settings are configured, it will backup data from source path to destination folder after every defined amount of time. However, you can manually start the backup process from menu bar. When you start the backup process, its icon will animate in a clockwise direction, indicating that application is currently backing up the data.


Hovering mouse pointer over its icon shows the last successful backup time. If it, for some reason, fails to backup the data, the icon will turn yellow, and hovering mouse pointer over it will show the number of days passed since last backup.

Simple Backup Utility uses standard preference file, which can be remotely configured using Managed Client Settings (MCX). You will find its Settings table on product page. Moreover, it maintains a detailed log of backup processes in system.log file. To view Simple Backup Utility log, open system.log in Console and navigate to Simple Backup Utility section using search feature. It works on Mac 10.5 and later.

Download Simple Backup Utility

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