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How to skip the macOS shut down prompt

When you shut down macOS, either from the Apple menu or via keyboard shortcuts, you get a confirmation dialog asking if you want to shut down your system and if you want to re-open apps and windows when you next boot up. The confirmation prompt isn’t useless but if you don’t want to interact with it every single time you turn your system off, you can skip the macOS shut down prompt.

Skip shut down prompt

Since there are two ways to shut down macOS i.e., from the Apple menu and via keyboard shortcuts, we’re going to show you how you can skip the macOS shut down prompt with both methods.

Apple Menu

If you want to shut your Mac down from the Apple menu, open it and then hold down the Option key. When you hold the Option key down, you will notice that the ellipses after both the Restart and Shut Down option disappear. With the Option key still help down, click Restart or Shut down to initiate the process without any prompt showing up.

Keyboard Shortcut

If you want to shut down your Mac via keyboard shortcuts but you do not want to run into the confirmation prompt, you need to use the following keyboard shortcut;


The eject key should be at the top with the other media control keys however, it is entirely possible that your keyboard does not have this key. It’s normal on some MacBooks for the key to be absent entirely. In this case, you need to replace the eject key with the Power key and execute the following keyboard shortcut;


The power key is the key that you use to turn your MacBook on.

If you’d like to restart your Mac via keyboard shortcuts but skip the prompt you get, use this keyboard shortcut;


And if the eject key is absent on your keyboard, use;


These keyboard shortcuts have existed for quite a while and they will work even if you aren’t using the latest version of macOS. It’s also worth mentioning that the Option key is pretty useful when you want to skip these extra system prompts. The prompts are there to help remind you to save work, among other things. If you don’t get any use out of them, try holding down the Option key when you execute a command that normally results in a prompt appearing. It is possible that the key will run the command directly instead of asking you to confirm anything.

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