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Snap Application Workspaces At 9 Positions On Mac Desktop With BetterSnapTool

BetterSnapTool is a freshly-baked workspace snapping tool for Mac which is quite similar to Windows OS-based WinNumpad Positioner and TickClick. Andreas Hegenberg, the developer behind Mac’s BetterTouchTool – an application that not only adds but let users customize mouse/touchpad gestures, offers only workspace snapping features of BetterTouchTool in this new product. The idea behind it is to provide only snapping functions for those who just need to snap active application workspaces. The good part is that it is highly customizable. The application comes with 9 different screen position which can be mapped with user-defined hotkeys.

Adding more, it also enables user to retain original size or position of any selected workspace back, you can for instance add an exception for an application to disable usage of designated hotkeys.

After installation, you will find it sitting in menubar, allowing user to disable window snapping and to specify new settings for any selected window.

disable selected

First off, set preferences including screen positions and hotkeys settings. Under General Settings, snapping positions can be enabled/disabled and from Keyboard Shortcuts you can register hotkey for each screen position. Compounded with 8 basic positions, it also lets you maximize application workspace, bring it to center and to move the application workspace to center of next attached display monitor.

bettersnap 1

bettersnap 2

Head over to Customizations tab to further tweak with preview windows, including, border and background color, toggle use of round corners On/Off, and set amount of space between edges. Here, you can also change windows-size related dragging preferences.

bettersnap 3

After settings are configured, you can use hotkey combinations to quickly snap windows at required side of the screen, maximize or move them to other monitor.

mac screen

The application is in alpha testing phase, so you might encounter some bugs. During testing, we found it to be working fine without any problem. Testing was done on Mac 10.6.

Download BetterSnapTool

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