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Sync Addressbook, Safari Bookmarks, iCal Calendar Between Macs

Syncing data between multiple Mac systems & devices isn’t always easy. Though there are some commercial applications available for the synchronization of data hosted on Apple servers, the price they ask for is normally too high for an average Mac user.

fruux is a free synchronization tool for syncing data like Addressbook contacts, iCal calendar events, Safari bookmarks, notes & tasks between Apple computers. It is developed natively for Mac and uses Apple built-in synchronization framework to sync all data. It uses SSL encryption for a secure transfer of data so you can be assure of the safety of your precious data.

Setting up fruux is easy and normally done in a jiffy. Once downloaded you can start using it straightway by running your first sync round. Since it is a client/server application, it installs a system preference pane on each Mac you would like to keep the data sync up with. It has a “Always Keep Synchronized” option checked by default so any additional changes made to your local contacts, calender, etc will automatically be synced. The data is synced to the fruux cloud which is accessible and ready for syncing with other devices.

Besides offering a simple & rapid syncing, it also keeps a log of all previous syncing activities. You can also replace data on the server with that of your own.

Even though still in beta mode, fruux developer’s site promises lot of new and improved features for the final outing, such as, iPhone over-the-air syncing, web access tool & social syncing to enable synchronization of your social media items.

Minimum requirements to run this application is Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later.

Download fruux

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