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Tweet And Update Facebook Status With Current iTunes Track In Mac

Do you love to share every track that you listen in iTunes with your peeps over at Twitter and with Facebook friends?  Today we have an interesting app for Mac, called Tweeter, which fetches meta information of track being played in iTunes to automatically updates your Twitter and Facebook status.  It is a miniscule yet powerful menu bar app for Mac which can keep your friends and peeps abreast with your music selection. While supporting famous online music service – last.fm and Amazon for appending direct URL to tweets, it supports Growl notification service to let you know about the latest tweet or status which is being published at respective social media platforms.

It also creates Like and Dislike music related tweets to spice your timeline a bit. Additionally, it comes with iTunes playback controls to jump between current playlist tracks, rate current song, and turn on / off the playlist shuffle mode. The status auto-update feature is totally controllable. You can set auto-update time interval or completely disable it to tweet or update Facebook status at your will.

After launching the application, from its menu bar menu, bring up settings to provide Twitter, Facebook and last.fm account details. From Messages and General window, you can customize Like and Dislike Tweet messages and toggle keyboard shortcuts on/off & configure generic settings, respectively.

facebook 2

Once accounts information is verified, launch iTunes and play a track whose meta information is to be published. Now in menu bar option, you can click Tweet of the moment and Status of the moment to tweet and update Facebook status with current track info respectively.

auto update 2

The screenshot shown below displays dialog box for publishing tweet with meta information of current track. To add a meta tag, just drag the meta tag to tweet area followed by writing the message and click Publish.

twitter 2


It works on Mac 10.6.

Download Tweeter (Discontinued and no longer available)

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