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Unlock Locked Files And Remove Them From Mac Trash With FEmp

It can be quite a hassle to manually unlock files in Trash to permanently remove them from the system, as for each locked file you need to provide admin password to continue the removal operation. Although there are a lot of ways to completely remove all the items present in Trash, but sadly none offers as simple solution as Femp to unlock all locked files and then to remove them. It’s a tiny tool to quickly empty the Trash regardless of how many locked files are there. The application is developed for those who can’t go through checking and unlocking each locked file present in Trash to remove them. With FEmp, you just have enter the admin password to remove all locked and unlocked items from Trash.

The application sits in the dock. When clicked, it prompts user to confirm the deletion. Click Yes to enter the password and hit OK to begin removal process.

force empty trash 1

password 2

If you hate to bring up Terminal window for removing all the locked files in Trash, you should use FEmp to remove all the items from Trash in one go. It works on Mac 10.6.2 – 10.6.6

Download FEmp

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  • Habib Alamin

    Hey, I am the author of the app. Thanks for covering my app : ). I have now removed the prompt, “Are you sure?”, since I figured typing in the password and hitting OK probably means you’re sure.

  • Doesn’t work for me at all…