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VideoMonkey: Video Converter for Mac

Many of you would be familiar with VisualHub, the conversion tool for Mac which has now been disconnected from the internet. VideoMonkey is a video converter for Mac OS that is built on VisualHub’s source code and concept to convert videos to and from a number of popular formats.

VideoMonkey improves on VisualHub in many ways primarily because it is built using theĀ  native Cocoa app, whereas VisualHub wasn’t. It uses a series of instances to convert one file into another one but what you get to see is a crisp & clean interface and no hassle!


It uses FFMpeg encoder for conversion and has the ability to combine with other tools and automatically figures how to convert even some of the file-types other converters don’t support. For instance, if you edit a WMV with Quicktime Pro and save it, VideoMonkey understands how to separate the audio and video and recombine them into a new format of your choice. If you have ever used & loved VisualHub, VideoMonkey makes a very good replacement.


VideoMonkey is fully customizable and lets you drag/drop the items you like in the toolbar.


It supports all major file types for conversion and is useful for converting to iPod, iPhone & iPhone Touch device. As for connectivity, considering it is developed specifically for Mac, it only supports Apple devices.

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