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Yoink: Easily Drag & Drop Items Between Mac App Windows On Small Screens [Paid]

Even though Mac OS X 10.7 Full-Screen Apps and iOS like Multi-Touch Gesture features make it easy to focus on single application window and switch between multiple Full-Screen feature supported apps, users on notebooks find it quite difficult to move items from one Full Screen app to another due to small screen size. Yoink is an application for Mac OS X that makes drag & drop items between empty spaces and full-screen apps not only easier but also hassle-free. Yoink adds a Drag Bar at left side of the screen, allowing you to drag any item from current window in its Drag Bar and then move it to target window without having to manually adjust windows at the edges of the screen to move items.

It will come particularly useful for laptop users who often struggle while moving items between application windows. On first launch, it will open drag bar at left side of screen. Yoink lets you change its Drag Bar position from left to right side of the screen.

Scrn 2011-09-06 at 11.41.08 AM

The Preferences dialog is accessible from Drag Bar. You can choose edge for Yoink drop-down menu, specify number of seconds to keep Yoink Drag Bar visible, and enable/disable options like empty list after adding items, automatically remove item when they are dragged out

yoink preferences

Yoink silently works in background. When you drag item(s) from the window, it shows up at specified edge of the screen, enabling you to drop the item over its bar.

yoink drag bar

Once dropped, you can move the items from its Drag Bar to required window.

drag bar 2

Yoink isn’t meant for large display units, where users can easily move items between multiple active applications. However, users on 13’’ or 15’’ screen size laptops will certainly find it handy for moving items from one Full-Screen feature supported application window to another. Yoink is a paid application which costs $2.99, and you can get 15-days free trial from product page. It works on Mac 10.6.6 and higher

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