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How to fix DirecTV error code 775

The cable cutting revolution didn’t go as well as planned. There are now several popular online streaming services, each with their own exclusive catalog of titles, that require individual memberships to use. For many users, a cable subscription offers them more content for less.



DirecTV is a subsidiary of At&T and it is a popular cable provider that offers a wide-range of channels and streaming options. It works via a set top box and requires a subscription to use. The subscriptions aren’t cheap with the smallest costing $65 and the largest bundle costing $85 but it gives you access to content you won’t get with online streaming tools.

Fix DirecTV error code 775

DirecTV works via a receiver box. The box must be set up to work with your TV and often requires a professional to configure it the first time you get a connection. 

The receiver isn’t immune to problems and you may see the fix DirecTV error code 775 at times. This code is normally accompanied by a frozen picture or a torn or pixelated picture/playback. The error is essentially a result of interference with the signal coming from the cable. Here’s how you can fix it.

Check hardware

Make sure the cables going into your box/receiver aren’t loose. Tighten what you can. Turn the power supply to the box off, and then give it a good once-over to make sure everything is secure. Do the same for the wires that go from the receiver to the TV. Check the TV as well for loose cables.

Check the SWM unit. It should show a green light. The light isn’t on, it means there is no power being supplied to the unit. Disconnect it and connect it to a different power source. If the light doesn’t turn on, the unit may be damaged. Contact customer care for a replacement.

Note: Before you remove, disconnect and reconnect any cables, take a photo of the back of the box so you can reference it again when you connect everything.

Contact customer care

While rare, cable services can experience a service outage. Contact customer support and ask them if there is a problem with the network. If there is, you will have to wait for it to be resolved. 

If there is no problem with the service, let them know you’re seeing the 775 error and they will resolve it for you. If you use a VPN for DirecTV, make sure the VPN service is working.


The DirecTV error code 775 is a common error may users see. If your hardware is working as it should, and it has not been damaged, this problem is best resolved by DirecTV. If your hardware is damaged, you will need to replace it and make sure you handle it better in the future.

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