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How To Fix Terrarium TV Buffering

Terrarium TV is a popular app for watching TV and movies that’s available for a range of devices like Android boxes or Amazon Fire TV Sticks. You can also install the app on your Android device or on your desktop for easy viewing of TV content. The app doesn’t host any video files itself – it just provides a clean interface with links to videos which are hosted on other sites. This setup is very easy to use which has made it popular with users who want a simple media centre setup that looks good and has the shows and movies that they want to watch available.

However, some users have problems with buffering when trying to watch Terrarium TV. This is very annoying and prevents users from being able to enjoy the content that they want to watch. In today’s article, we’ll tell you how to fix Terrarium TV buffering.

What Causes Terrarium TV Buffering?

Buffering refers to a pause in video playback, usually caused by the video loading more slowly than you are watching it. Sometimes you’ll see a spinning disk that indicates a video is buffering, while other times the video will play but it will be choppy, jumping from one frame to another instead of transitioning smoothly. When a video is buffering, it’s basically unwatchable.

Many people have problems with buffering on Terrarium TV. Because the Terrarium TV app doesn’t actually host any video files, and only links to those files hosted on other websites, some of the videos you find in the app will be slow to load or have buffering problems. Below we’ll walk you through some of the fixes that you can try to solve the issue of buffering in Terrarium TV.

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Methods to Fix Terrarium TV Buffering

If you are frustrated with trying to watch TV shows or movies on Terrarium TV and having them play slowly, buffer for a long time, or jump and stutter when you try to play them, then there are a number of fixes that you can try, ranging from simple to more technical. Try out each of these methods and see if they fix your buffering issues:

Use A Different Video Player

There are a number of different video players available for your use built into Terrarium TV. By default, Terrarium will use a player called YesPlayer to show you video content from links you click on. However, sometimes the video player that you are using won’t display a video file properly, due to a mismatch in the codecs or some other technical issue. When this happens, the video can stutter or stop and start, and this might look like buffering.

To fix this problem, try switching to one of the other video players. VLC Player, for example, is included in Terrarium and has a good reputation for being able to play media files of all kinds. To switch your video player, start off on the Terrarium home page and then go to Settings. The second option in the settings panel will say Choose default video player… Click on this option and you can choose which video player to use. Try switching to another player like VLC Player and then going back to the video you were trying to watch. You might find that it plays smoothly when you use a different video player.

Clear Your Cache

One problem that comes up with the Terrarium TV software is the fact that it generates a large cache folder. A cache is a folder full of temporary files that are used by the program in order to load the content you’re looking for. So, for example, the cache might contain picture files for the thumbnails of shows and movies that you see when you browse Terrarium TV. Most programs automatically clear their cache on a somewhat regular schedule, however, Terrarium TV doesn’t. This means your cache can grow and grow.

A full cache can cause two problems when streaming. Firstly, if the cache is so large that it takes up all your hard drive space, which can happen on small devices like Android TVs, then there is no space for the file you are trying to watch to be temporarily written to your device. The video looks choppy because each chunk has to be pulled in separately in small pieces. Another problem that can arise is when you have loaded a bad file into your cache. This file could be a corrupted or badly coded version of the video which is why it doesn’t display properly, making it look choppy.

To check this problem, you can clear your cache. This simply means deleting all of the temporary files on your device so that the file you’re trying to watch can be downloaded freshly. To clear your cache, start on your Terrarium TV home screen, then go to Settings, then scroll down until you see the Clear cache option. Select this option and the cache will be cleared, then you can go back to the video you were watching and try it again to see if it plays smoothly.

Check Other Programs Running On Your Device

Another problem could be that your device is using up a lot of bandwidth on background tasks that you might not even be aware of. If you’re using a relatively low powered device like an Fire TV Stick device, then apps running in the background could be eating through both your internet bandwidth and your system memory, both of which can lead to videos buffering or stuttering.

To check for this, close all apps you have running in the background. Look out in particular for apps automatically updating themselves, as this will use up bandwidth to download the new version of the app and system memory to install the new version. You can even try turning off auto sync so that your email, calendar, photos, and so on won’t be automatically backing up while you’re trying to use Terrarium.

Also, check for any app which consistently checks for your location, such as Facebook or Maps, as these functions can slow your device down. Try disabling everything except Terrarium TV and see if that stops the buffering issue. If it does, you know that the problem lies with the limitations of your device. If it does not, then you’ll have to move on to testing other aspects of your setup.

Check Other Users On Your WiFi

If you live with other people and you often get buffering issues when you try to use video streaming services like Terrarium TV, then the problem could be the bandwidth that other people on your connection are using. Typically, your wifi will have a limited amount of bandwidth that is available for all the users in total, and if other people are using the internet when you’re trying to stream then this can cause buffering issues.

Of course, some online activities take up more bandwidth than others. Browsing the internet generally shouldn’t take up too much bandwidth, especially if people are ready text-heavy websites like Reddit or newspaper websites. However, streaming video can take up lots of bandwidth, especially if people are streaming in high definition. If someone in your house is watching HD YouTube videos while you’re trying to watch Terrarium TV, this could cause your buffering issues. Other activities than can eat up a lot of bandwidth are downloading large files like music or video, and playing certain online games which can require a lot of data to be sent and received over your connection.

To test this out, ask everyone to stay off the wifi for a few minutes while you test Terrarium TV. If your streams load and play with no problems when there’s no one else using the internet, then you’ve found your culprit. In this case, you’ll have to find some kind of compromise with the other people in your house over who gets to use the internet at which times.

Reboot Your Modem

Sometimes, your internet connection can get slow due to changes to the incoming ethernet signal. Most broadband providers have hundreds or even thousands of customers connected to the same exchange, so connections can sometimes get slow when so many people are trying to access the internet at the same time. This is particularly a problem at peak times of around 6pm to 8pm, when loads of people want to use the internet.

If you suspect that your incoming internet is slow for some reason and this is what is causing your buffering issues, then you should simply reboot or reset your modem. Most modern modems will have a reset switch which you can press to restart the modem and force it to create a new connection with your ISP, which should be faster and more reliable. Sometimes you’ll need to use a paperclip or other slim object to press the reset button. If your modem is older and doesn’t have a reset switch, then don’t worry. Just turn the modem off or unplug it. Leave it unplugged for around 30 seconds to ensure that all the settings are returned to default. Then start the modem back up again and wait a couple of minutes for it to reconnect.

Once the modem has been rebooted, you should see an increase in the speed of your internet which should mean no more buffering. If this doesn’t work, move on to another of the suggestions.

Upgrade Your Internet

If you’ve tried all of these tricks are you are still getting problems with buffering, it may be that your internet is just too slow to stream videos in high definition. If you have similar buffering problems on other sites like YouTube, which normally streams very reliably, then the culprit is likely a problem with your internet. Unfortunately, you may not have many options for internet providers if you live outside of major urban areas, but if you live in a big city then there should be a number of different ISPs who you could try.

Remember to read the fine print carefully when selecting an internet package. Companies will advertise internet connections of particular speeds like 25 MBit/s, but if you look carefully you’ll see that they actually say they offer speeds of up to 25 MBit/s. It’s not guaranteed that a connection to your particular residence will actually be that fast. One good way to find out about real internet speeds in your area is to ask your neighbours which ISP they use and what their speeds are like, which will give you a more accurate view of the speeds that you can actually expect.

Get Around ISP Throttling With A VPN

There’s another way that your internet could be limited without you even knowing about it. ISPs need to share out the total bandwidth that they have available between all of their customers, so they don’t want any individual customer using up too much bandwidth. Even though they might advertise having a certain speed of internet available, if you tried to consistently use the internet to download huge files all day then the ISP would not be happy, because you would be using up so much bandwidth that the internet would be slow for other customers.

This is one reason that many ISPs dislike video streaming services like Netflix, YouTube, and Terrarium TV, and try to discourage people from using them. These services take up a lot of bandwidth, especially if you watch videos in high definition, and people sometimes use these services to watch all day long. The ISPs can’t kick you off their network for using these services, as there’s nothing against using them in most terms of service, so instead they use a policy called throttling. This works by detecting what site or what type of content you are accessing, and artificially adjusting the speed of your internet accordingly.

Site-specific throttling is an extremely obnoxious practice, but it’s not illegal. Most frustratingly, if you are being throttled your ISP probably won’t tell you and will likely deny it if you ask them. There’s only one real way to get around ISP throttling, and that’s to use a VPN. This is a piece of software which you install onto your device and which encrypts all of the data that you send over the internet. This encryption means that your ISP can’t see what site you are visit or whether you’re streaming video or anything else, so they can’t throttle your connection. They are not able to impose speed limitations on particular sites because they can’t see what site you’re currently accessing.

How To Choose A VPN

Terrarium TV users who are in the market for a VPN should look for a few key factors. Some of the most important issues to consider when you look for a VPN are the following:

  1. Super fast connections. A VPN can help to fix your buffering issues by getting around ISP throttling. However, this only works if the VPN in question has really fast connections which can handle streaming high definition video. So look for VPNs with a reputation for speed.
  2. Lots of servers. Another way to ensure good speeds when using a VPN is to connect to a server that is nearby to your physical location. This way, your web traffic doesn’t have to travel so far and will be safer. You want a VPN with a large network of servers in plenty of places so you can find one that is near you.
  3. Software support for the platform you use. You’ll install a VPN app onto the same device you use to run Terrarium TV, so make sure that your VPN offers software for the particular device that you’re using.
  4. Good security. A further advantage of using a VPN is that it will keep all of your internet activities private and secret from your ISP of from any other outside observers. You want a VPN with good security features like strong encryption and a no logging policy.

We Recommend IPVanish

The VPN provider that we have found to be best for Terrarium TV users is IPVanish. It has lightning fast connections which are ideal for people who like to watch lots of video content in high definition, and it has a network of more than 1000 servers in 60 different countries so you’ll easily be able to find a server near you. The software is available for Windows, Mac OS, Android, Fire TV, Linux, Chromebook, iOS, and Windows Phone, and the security has the features we like to see like the use of strong 256-bit encryption to keep your data safe and a no logging policy to protect your privacy.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that Addictive Tips readers can save a massive 60% here on the IPVanish annual plan, taking the monthly price down to only $4.87/mo.


Buffering is an annoyance for any person who likes to watch videos online, and it can be challenging to diagnose. There are a lot of different issues that can cause buffering, from problems with your device to problems with your internet connection. The fixes we’ve suggested above should help to diagnose the exact cause of your buffering issues when using Terrarium TV and help you to fix them so you can get back to watching your videos in peace.

Have you had issues with buffering in Terrarium TV? What method did you use to solve the problem? Let us know about it in the comments below.

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