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How to stream Downton Abbey: A New Era with VPN

Downton Abbey: A New Era is the follow-up show to one of the most iconic and successful Television Series, the 2019 Downton Abbey Film. The 2019 Downton Abbey is a TV show with 5 seasons that has won many awards. It has a rating of 7.4 on IMDb.

The TV series is drama filled with many intrigues and secrets of the British elites. It exposes viewers to the lives of famous Butler and maids after World War 1. The story won the audience’s hearts with its exciting yet heartbreaking plot. The love intrigues between the upper and lower classes in the series are one of the most beautiful and exciting sets ever.

The sequel, Downton Abbey: A New Era, saw Maggie Smith, Michelle Dockery, and Elizabeth McGovern hold on to their characters, and new cast members, including Dominic West, have been confirmed. Despite being a must-watch for everyone, it is frustrating to know that access to this movie is restricted to the US at the moment. Little wonder may internet users have flooded the internet scouting for how they can break the location barrier.

If you fall in the category above, let me tell you something…. You’re a step away from gaining access to your favorite movie. Let’s get to it.

Watch-Downtown-Abbey-with-VPN What’s Downton Abbey: A New Era About?

While the first film focused on the Crawley Family and the Downton Abbey estate occupants preparing for the visit from the royalties- King George V and Queen Mary, the sequel focuses on the cinematic royalty visit and home acting as the setting for the film. The Crawley Family and Downton Abbey servants receive the King and Queen of the United Kingdom in the estate. This film depicts many key events reshaping the Crawley’s lives, one of them being the upcoming society wedding of To Brandon and Cousin Violet’s unexpected inheritance of a French property.

What is the Release Date for Downton Abbey: A New Era

Downton Abbey: A New Era had initially been scheduled for release in March 2022. However, it was postponed, and according to Deadline, it was released to Cinemas and Theatres on May 20th in the United States and April 29 in the United Kingdom.

How to watch Downton Abbey online outside the US

Downton Abbey: A New Era is a Peacock series only available in the US. Peacock’s service is not available in all regions except the US, so if you are trying to launch peacocktv.com from outside the US, you will get the message “Peacock is spreading its wings worldwide,” which means the service is not accessible in your region. Disappointing, right? Nah, not yet! 

You can still bypass this restriction and enjoy your series … regardless of your location. And that’s if you can follow the steps below. It’s no bother!

To bypass Peacock geo-restriction in your region, you have to use VPN. All you need do is download a good VPN and enjoy the show!

To connect from any country outside the US, you’ll have to download a VPN to mask your current location. The VPN I use and would recommend for streaming on Netflix is NordVPN.

  • Once NordVPN is Installed, connect to the South Korean server.
  • Watch Downton Abbey on Netflix
  • Reopen Netflix App or Refresh Netflix page and search for “Downton Abbey. “
  • Now you will find Downton Abbey at the top.
  • Watch Downton Abbey on Netflix 2
  • Now click on play and enjoy the show.
  • Watch Downton Abbey on Netflix 3

This method works for iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, Smart TV, Firesticks, and all other platforms where you can play Netflix.

Why NordVPN?

NordVPN is the overall best and fastest VPN, with many servers located in different countries. It has about 5500 servers in 62 countries, responsible for providing you with a better speed and a stable connection.

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