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Is Sherlock on Netflix? How to Watch Sherlock on Netflix Australia, Elsewhere

Over the decades, we’ve seen Sherlock Holmes impersonated by numerous actors, and they each put their own spins, introduce new quirks, and so on, but certainly, Benedict Cumberbatch will remain in history as one of the best out there. We can’t keep ourselves from watching all these Sherlock episodes, and we love it when we do this on Netflix, so let’s see whether or not the two of them mix.

Sherlock is a British crime TV series that’s based on Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s detective stories. The show features four seasons, and fans hope for more. The seasons have been released over many years, with season 1 landing in 2010 and season 4 in 2017. Fingers crossed, we’ll see a new one soon.

How to Watch Sherlock on Netflix

The two main characters – Sherlock Holmes and Doctor John Watson – are brought to life by Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. Other notable presences in the show are Andrew Scott and Amada Abbington. With the show taking place in the present time, we see a new world of possibilities in how Sherlock can solve a crime, which makes us want more.


Is Sherlock on Netflix?

The short answer is “yes,” but the more complicated one is, “it depends on where you live.” We found Sherlock seasons available to stream in multiple countries on Netflix – United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and many others. But there are also loads of countries where the show isn’t available in, such as Australia. This usually happens because there are other licensing deals in place for specific titles, and people can watch on other services, or the rights simply expired. Either way, it’s extremely frustrating when you pay for your Netflix subscription, and you notice that you can’t watch a show users in other countries can.

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Are all Sherlock seasons on Netflix?

We have good news for you – all Sherlock seasons are available on Netflix. As mentioned, there are four seasons in total, each featuring three episodes, but there was also a special episode released on New Year’s Day in 2016 – The Abominable Bride -, and that one’s included with the third season too, along with other special episodes from behind the scenes.

How can I watch Sherlock on Netflix in Australia and elsewhere?

If you live in a country where Sherlock isn’t part of the Netflix library, such as Australia, then you can still watch the show, if you know how. First of all, Netflix has specific libraries in each country it is present in. Each of these libraries is geoblocked, so you are basically stuck to watching your local movies and shows only.

If Netflix were to think you were in another country, like the United States, for instance, it would show the titles available there instead. That being said, you can do this in just a few moments with the help of a VPN which can spoof your IP and encrypt the connection, so you go undetected.

We use NordVPN because it’s the best on the market. It also has thousands of servers all over the world and some really great privacy features thanks to the encryption protocols they use.

Step by step guide

  • First, you’ll need to subscribe to NordVPN. You can get 3 months for free and 68% OFF for the 2-year plan at $3.49 per month when setting up a new account, so take advantage of this deal!
  • Then, you need to connect to a server that’s in the United States. It will take a few seconds.
  • Once the connection is established, you have to load Netflix in a new tab and browse for Sherlock. Once there, go watch your favorite episode or binge on the whole series.

That’s it! Easy, right?

What if Netflix knows I’m using a VPN?

Unfortunately, Netflix has some VPN detection technology on its platform, which sometimes actually works. We haven’t had this happening to us when using NordVPN, but it’s definitely a possibility.

When Netflix knows you’re using a VPN, they’ll display a notification asking you to shut off your VPN and reload. Well, before you do that, you should contact the NordVPN Customer Support team. Once you explain your situation and tell them which Netflix version you’re trying to connect to, they’ll help you find the right IP address that works. Sure, it’s an extra step, but it will fix your problem if you encounter this situation.


We think this is the best way to watch whatever content you want on Netflix, especially Sherlock, which we love and wish would come back for another season. Hopefully, their schedules clear up at the same time, and we can enjoy another round.

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