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Best Alternatives to Phoenix add-on for Kodi

The Phoenix addon once offered Kodi users access to a huge range of live and on-demand media, and since its sudden demise in June it has been sorely missed by the community. The reason for Phoenix’s abrupt departure was the difficult legal climate which affected many unofficial Kodi addons earlier in the year. In announcing its shutdown, the developer admitted it was a difficult and regrettable decision.

For users nowadays, the most import question is which addons to turn to in order to fill the void left by Phoenix. This is no easy choice because Phoenix did so much well. But fortunately, there are a number of high-quality addons that carry on the torch in different ways. In this article, we have compiled our pick of the Best Phoenix Alternatives addons.

Before You Use Addons, Install a VPN

It is always highly advisable for anyone using unofficial addons with Kodi to use a VPN. This is because some unofficial addons can source content from illegal places. As a result, even though Kodi itself is 100% legal, some users have found themselves facing legal action for copyright infringement. But a VPN encrypts your online data and hides your location online, helping to protect you from any potential legal repercussions.

There are a lot of VPNs on the market right now and it can be hard to decide which is the best for you. For Kodi users, there are four main criteria you should consider when choosing your VPN provider:

The Best VPN for Kodi – IPVanish

Using these four criteria, the VPN which stands out ahead of the rest is IPVanish. It boasts some of the fastest connection speeds from a VPN we have ever seen, and its encryption and privacy protections are second to none. There are absolutely no restrictions on what files users can download or the amount of data they can use, and with more than 850 servers in 60 different countries to choose from, they tick all the boxes with confidence. Throw in IPVanish’s easy-to-use apps, which are available on almost every platform, including an Amazon app for Firestick users, and there is no question IPVanish is the best VPN for Kodi users.

IPVanish offers a 7-day money back guarantee which means you have a week to test it risk-free. Please note that Addictive Tips readers can save a massive 60% here on the IPVanish annual plan, taking the monthly price down to only $4.87/mo.

The Best Alternative Addons to Phoenix 

Phoenix was one of a small number of addons which offered both live and on-demand content for users to choose from. This is a rare thing and at the time of writing, there isn’t one single addon that we would suggest which covers both live and on-demand content to the same standard as Phoenix. This means you will need a minimum of two addons to completely fill the shoes of Phoenix.

But that is not necessarily a bad thing, as addons which focus on a smaller range of services usually offer a tighter user experience. And in this article, we have highlighted the best Live TV and On-Demand addons for you to choose from. There are some belters to choose from.

Best Phoenix Alternatives for Live TV


cCloud TV Info Screen

cCloud TV is probably the best addon around right now for live TV streaming. They offer literally tens of thousands of streams including channels from many different countries and in multiple languages. There is a focus on US and British content, but users can also access channels from China, Japan, South America, France, Germany, Canada, and the Middle East. The quality of content is generally good with quite a number of channels available in HD.

The addon itself is well designed and quite easy to use, with a good search function and a well thought-through menu as well. Many people loved Phoenix for its live sports content and cCloud TV is a great place to go for this too, especially US sports. It has streams of most of the major networks as well as a whole host of local channels too.

Goodfellas 2.0

Goodfellas 2.0 also carries a big selection of live TV channels for users to stream and importantly, the majority of these are of high quality. It is focused on English-language content, with US and British content again dominating. This means, if you are after content from elsewhere, Goodfellas 2.0 is not the addon for you. But for all the big British and American channels, Goodfellas is a great choice.

It is another addon which is great for live sport too and, although the content is again pivoted towards US, UK, and Canadian content, it is not impossible to find other stuff on there as well. Goodfellas 2.0 is another simple to use and well-designed app with a good menu, which also includes a few more niche options as well such as Motorheadz and Sounds / Meditations. There truly is something for everyone.

Made in Canada IPTV

Made in Canada IPTV Information Screen

Don’t be put off by the name of this addon, as Made in Canada IPTV does offer more than just Canadian content. In fact, it is a great bet for most American and British channels as well. We particularly like Made in Canada IPTV for its sports coverage as they offer a dedicated sports section which links to almost all Canadian, British, and American channels, with most available in HD quality.

But there is a much broader range of content available as well, and while we found this addon a little harder to navigate than those suggested above, it is worth persisting with because the content is there and the quality of the streams it links to is usually very good.

BBC iPlayer WWW

This addon links solely to the BBC’s online streaming service, the iPlayer. It only has BBC content is available, but as the main public broadcaster in the UK, that still means there is a great deal to choose from. The addon itself is superb, easy to navigate, and as the content is streamed directly from the BBC service, quality is almost always excellent.

The BBC offers a great range of comedy, drama, documentaries, and news as well as two great kids channels too. It is less good for live sport unless you are keen on certain British ones, but there is still plenty to choose from and for Brits, in particular, it is a must-have addon. Do note, you will need to have a VPN connected to a British server to access this addon outside the UK.


As the name suggests SportsDevil is an addon focused solely on streaming sports content. But it does that better than just about any other addon around right now. It offers multiple links to all the biggest sporting events in the world, including NFL, MLB, NHL, NBA, UFC, the Premier League, La Liga, and the Champions League.

More often than not, these links work well and many are of HD quality too. But SportsDevil is an aggregator so don’t be surprised if you do come across a few broken links. But there are usually enough available to find a decent working one, and the huge range of content available makes it a must-have for sports fans everywhere.

Best Phoenix Alternatives for On Demand TV


Covenant is a replacement addon for another highly popular and much missed addon, Exodus (which is still lingering around but, as it is no longer supported, is a shadow of its former self these days). But Covenant has emerged as the next generation of Exodus and promises to set new standards for on-demand addons

It includes all of the same content as Exodus, and has also retained much of the same slick and simple design. It also still has Exodus’ easy to navigate menu and a great search facility too. The content selection remains second to none, with everything from all the best TV and Movies to a plentiful supply of international media too. Covenant may be young, but it is already a must-have addon for Kodi users.

UK Turk Playlists

Addictive tips - Top X Best Overall Kodi Add-ons Which Are Still Working

UK Turk Playlists is a great resource for both British and Turkish TV and Movie content. There is plenty of American content to be found as well, and a little bit from elsewhere in the world too. UK Turk Playlists is instantly recognizable by its humorous Turkish Delight icon, but it is a seriously good addon, with easy-to-navigate menus and a good search facility.

The developer is active on Twitter and regularly updates the addon too, making it one of the most reliable around. If you are looking for anything in the genres detailed above, UK Turks Playlist is a great bet to find a high-quality stream.


Don’t be distracted by M4u’s simple design, because underneath there is a wealth of content just waiting to be discovered. And this is made pretty simple thanks to their great menu options and one of the best search facility on any addon.

Helpfully, M4u indicates the quality of each streams which helps users to find good streams quickly. It also offers lots of information the TV shows and movies you are looking at as well, which makes it a fun addon to browse around too. It’s developers Mucky Duck still seems to be updating regularly, which also helps to make M4u a great bet for serious film and TV fans.

Bob Unrestricted

Bob Unleashed Add-on

This addon is a relatively new discovery for us, but we are very impressed with what we have seen so far. It has a fantastic and responsive interface with an easy-to-use menu and lots of content to explore. It has more TV shows available than movies at the moment and its content for both is broken down into different genres and the quality of everything we have looked at so far being of a good standard.

There is a decent selection of movies to be viewed too, but it is not the biggest choice by any means and other addons do have more to offer. But for TV, this one is up there with the very best. Bob Unrestricted is well worth a try and is definitely an addon to watch as it develops in the months ahead.

Phoenix’s loss was a tremendous blow to the Kodi community, but luckily talented developers have stepped up to fill the gap.

Did we miss one of your favourite addons? What combinations of addons do you use? Let us know in the comments section below!

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