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Watch the NBA on Kodi; Official and Third Party Add-ons

The open source media center Kodi puts a world of content at your fingertips. Not only can you load your own audio and video library into the app, but a variety of add-ons extend Kodi’s functionality to include TV and movie streaming along with live events, including soccer, basketball, football, and much more.

With the right third party add-ons you can watch live NBA games on any device. Just install Kodi on your phone, tablet, or laptop, configure the unofficial add ons, then sit back and start streaming. Keep reading for a complete guide on how to watch the NBA on your Kodi enabled devices.

Watching NBA on your Kodi device

Before We Begin: Get a Good VPN

The Kodi software is open source and completely legal, but some of the apps you can install may access video streams in a suspicious way. This gray area has caused some concern among privacy advocates as well as government agencies and content creators. When you stream something through a Kodi add-on, your location, personal information, and data on which videos you’re watching are all sent through a local internet service provider. ISPs are under no obligation to keep your data secure, which can put your privacy at risk.

VPNs act like a tunnel between your computer and the content you’re downloading, providing encryption to mask personal details and preventing ISPs from seeing or sharing your information. An added benefit of using a VPN with Kodi is the ability to switch your virtual location with just a few clicks, letting you watch geo-restricted content through Kodi’s vast library third party add-ons.

Best VPN for Kodi: IPVanish

Choosing a reliable VPN is extremely important. After all, you’re sending your private information through their servers, so you’ll want to make sure the service is secure, anonymous, and fast. A good place to start is IPVanish. The provider delivers unlimited bandwidth with no traffic restrictions, zero-logging, and has over 750 servers in 60 different countries. The app is also extremely lightweight and can be installed alongside Kodi on any device. It’s the perfect companion for streaming sports and TV shows, and it gives you all the tools you need to bypass region restrictions to catch every NBA game on your list

Not only you get a 7-day hassle free trial period that allows you to cancel, no questions asked, Addictive Tips readers also get to save a massive 60% here on the IPVanish annual plan – that makes it only $4.87 per mo.

How to Install Unofficial Kodi Add-ons

Once you get Kodi installed on your device, it’s time to dive into the world of add-ons. Most versions of Kodi come with a set of official add-ons you can install with just a couple of clicks. You can take also things even further with unofficial extensions that include more live streams, more video sources, and a host of accessibility improvements.

Before you can install third party add-ons, you’ll need to give Kodi permission to download files from external sources:

  1. Launch Kodi and click on the gear icon to enter the System menu.
  2. Go to System Settings > Add-ons
  3. Toggle the slider next to the “Unknown sources” option.

  1. Accept the warning message that pops up.

With external file access enabled, Kodi can retrieve and install any third party add-on you like. The process is surprisingly simple. First, you’ll need to tell Kodi where to locate a repository, which are bundles of add-ons put together by third party providers. With the repository downloaded, simply browse its contents and install add-ons at your leisure.

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Watching the NBA on Kodi – Official Add-ons

The bundled repository that comes with Kodi includes dozens of add-ons that help you get the most out of your installation. Everything from new skins to language packs, interface enhancements, and free music and video streams are there, along with several sports add-ons that let you stream interviews, highlights, and even live games!

The following add-ons are all included in the default Kodi repository. To install them, go to the main menu and select Add-ons > Download. Browse the list by name and click on the add-on you’d like to install.

NBA League Pass

Stream both live coverage as well as archived and edited games from the current NBA season. Also includes highlights, top plays, and other basketball related videos going back to 2012. You’ll need a subscription to the NBA International League Pass to use this add-on.


The free and legal way to stream on-demand movies, music videos, and sports content. Features a continuously updated library of content, so sporting events may not always be available for all users.

DON’T FORGET: Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. IPVanish gives our readers an exclusive discount of 60% and you’ll only pay $4.87 a month to keep your browsing safe and private.

Watching the NBA on Kodi – Third Party Add-ons

Unofficial third party add-ons can turn your Kodi installation into a live sports powerhouse. NBA and basketball related content is immensely popular, so there’s no shortage of options when it comes to catching live streams or highlight reels.

It’s worth noting that third party add-ons aren’t always reliable. Repositories can suddenly become unavailable, streams can disappear, and content may vanish for unknown reasons. A little patience is required when accessing streams through third party programs. We’ve selected some of the most reliable Kodi add-ons below so you can watch the NBA without hassle.

NBA On Demand

If any Kodi add-on can be labeled as a one-stop-shop for all your basketball needs, it’s NBA On Demand. This robust plug-in pulls in tons of NBA content for easy streaming on any Kodi device. Browse through the latest NBA videos, sort by team name, look at highlight clips, or just jump in and watch entire games organized by air date. If you only install one add-on from this list, make it NBA On Demand.

NBA On Demand is included in the Colossus add-on repository. If you already have it installed, skip to step two below.

How to install NBA On Demand on Kodi:

  1. Install the Colossus Repofollow this tutorial
  2. After you finished installing Colossus, choose “Install from repository
  3. Find and click “Colossus Repository
  4. Scroll down to “Video Add-ons
  5. Locate “NBA On Demand” and install.

  1. Access NBA On Demand from the main menu when the installation is complete.

NBA Full Games

One of the more full-featured and smartly organized NBA add-ons in the Kodi ecosystem, NBA Full Games has a ton of streaming and archived content covering highlights and full games. Browse by game day, team, or even stream source for all the latest NBA content, along with a unique and surprisingly entertaining selection of non-professional basketball games.

NBA Full Games is available through the Indigo add-on which is bundled in the Fusion repository. You’ll need to add Fusion to your Kodi app first, install Indigo, then add NBA Full Games.

How to install NBA Full Games on Kodi:

  1. Open up your browser and head to GitHub at https://github.com/natko1412/repo.natko1412/blob/master/plugin.video.nbafullgames/plugin.video.nbafullgames-2.0.zip
  2. Click the download button and save the file plugin.video.nbafullgames-2.0.zip. Keep it at hand.
  3. Fire up Kodi
  4. Select “Add-ons
  5. Click the open box icon at the top of the menu bar
  6. Choose “Install from Zip File
  7. Select the path where you saved your file, and install it

  1. Wait for the installation to complete, then access NBA Full Games from the main menu.

BENNU (Phoenix is dead)

Phoenix is a fantastic multi-purpose add-on that’s packed with a ton of free videos. When it comes to sports streaming, we used to think that beating Phoenix was almost impossible. But then BENNU came to the stage. The original add-on, Phoenix, shut down in early June following DishTV’s mega trial against TVAddons and Zem TV. But it was soon replaced by BENNU. The new extension pulls together a wide variety of streams. You’ll have access to popular channels from the US and the UK, including plenty of sports streams and NBA content.

The BENNU add-on is available from the Colossus repository. If you already have this repo, skip to step two.

How to install BENNU on Kodi:

  1. Install the Colossus Repofollow this tutorial
  2. Choose “Install from repository
  3. Find the “Colossus Repository” folder and enter it
  4. Scroll down to “Video Add-ons
  5. Select and install BENNU

  1. When the installation is complete, you can access BENNU and all of its channels from the main menu.


SportsDevil aims to be a central hub of sports streaming activity. The add-on includes content and live games for just about every professional sport out there, including the NBA. The channel has a well-deserved reputation for staying up to date and avoiding dead links, making it one of the most convenient and hassle-free sports streaming add-ons around.

SportsDevil is available through the Colossu add-on repository. If you already have it installed, skip to step two.

How to install SportsDevil on Kodi:

  1. Install the Colossus Repofollow this tutorial
  2. Choose “Install from repository”
  3. Find and click “Colossus Repository
  4. Scroll down to “Video Add-ons
  5. Locate “SportsDevil” and install.

  1. Access SportsDevil from the main menu when the installation is complete.
DON’T FORGET: Use a VPN when streaming through Kodi. IPVanish gives our readers an exclusive discount of 60% and you’ll only pay $4.87 a month to keep your browsing safe and private.

NOTE: AddictiveTips does not condone or encourage any violation of copyright restrictions. Please consider the law, victims, and risks of piracy before downloading copyrighted material without permission.

Access Region Locked Content with a VPN

While Kodi itself doesn’t feature any geographical restrictions, some of the content streams you can watch might. Live sports are notorious for being locked to a single region, making it difficult for anyone outside of the host country to view.

With a VPN installed, you can bypass geo-restricted content with ease. Instead of associating a local IP address with your connection, VPN providers tie you to a server of your choosing. Want to be virtually located on the other side of the globe? Open a menu and make the change, it’s that easy. Content that was blocked will suddenly become available, no matter where you live.

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Is it Legal to Watch the NBA on Kodi?

Kodi and its related add-ons sit in a big legal gray zone. Some governments and content creators insist the software breaks all sorts of trademark laws, but so far nothing clear cut has been established. An important distinction that keeps Kodi and its add-ons alive is that the software doesn’t store any content of questionable legality. When you use an add-on to stream a movie or a live NBA game, Kodi simply plays a video located somewhere on the internet. That source file may have been illegally obtained, but neither Kodi nor the user are clearly at fault.

No matter where you live or what the local laws say about streaming videos, you should always use a VPN with Kodi. VPNs afford an extra measure of privacy by masking your identity along with the data you’re streaming. Even if IP addresses and logs are seized from local internet service providers, a VPN can help keep your personal information out of their hands.

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