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What Is a Check Mark in Excel? Everything You Need to Know

Though Microsoft Excel is a robust application for various mathematical calculations and data visualizations, most users also use it as a list or task management tool. A big chunk of the users also relies on this app for collecting online forms data from Microsoft forms.

So, users need tick marks, check marks, or boxed check marks to validate data as true or false, yes or no, available or not available, and so on. The check mark in Excel (✔) enables you to accomplish these effortlessly. Continue reading to find out an in-depth analysis of Excel check marks.

What Is a Check Mark in Excel

What Is a Check Mark in Excel?

A check mark in Microsoft Excel is a symbol that is similar to a tick mark (✔), that we most often use for positive responses, like yes, okay, complete, available, correct, etc. The basic check mark of an Excel worksheet works like a static text with the ability to accept formatting options like font size, text color, and background color.

The check marks in Excel are generally available under two font families: Wingdings and Segoe UI Symbol. For the Wingdings typeface family, the check marks are coded as below:

  • Unicode name Wingdings 252 is the basic check mark ✔
  • Unicode designation Wingdings 254 is the boxed tick mark ☑

You can use check marks to:

  • Denote a task as complete
  • Add the check mark in a formula to show inventory availability
  • Use a check mark with a formula to validate form data entry by Microsoft Forms

Check Mark in Excel: Different Variants

Check Mark in Excel Different Variants

First off, there are basic check marks as Wingdings font that you can access through the Symbols command. There are two other types of check marks:

  • Form Controls or ActiveX Controls-based check boxes are available from the Developers menu on Excel ribbon. These check boxes work as an object.
  • Conditional Formatting also lets you add check mark when the cell condition is true. For that, you need to go to Conditional Formatting > Icon Sets > Indicators and choose the one with a green check mark.

Where to Look For a Check Mark in Excel?

If you’re using the Classic Menu in Excel available in editions like 2000, 2002, 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013:

  • Go to Menu and then click on the drop-down menu of Insert.
  • You’ll see Symbol in the context menu. Click on that.
  • Now, on the Symbol dialog box select Wingdings font.
  • In the Character code box type in 252 or 254 for check marks and boxed check mark symbols.

On the contrary, if you’ve got the Excel Ribbon menu available for Excel versions like 2007, 2020, 2013, 2016, and more:

  • Go to the Insert menu on the ribbon.
  • Click on Symbol located in the Symbols section.
  • For Excel 2007, the Symbol command should be in the Text section.
  • Now, click on Symbol and follow the steps mentioned above.

Final Words

So far, you’ve learned about several forms of check mark in Excel, like static check mar, form control tick mark, check mark in a box, etc. You’ve also learned various formatting opportunities for Excel check marks.

From here, it should be easier for you to use the check marks of Excel to appropriately validate tasks, lists, or online form data.

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