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Create And Customize Charts In PowerPoint With oomfo Add-In

Creating multiple charts in PowerPoint can become quite a task, as you have to practically create an Excel spreadsheet for each chart to plot data. If you need to quickly create presentations in PowerPoint with multiple charts, oomfo is a viable alternative to PowerPoint native Chart tool. It is an addin for PowerPoint with all the necessary tools that are required in creating, designing and customizing different chart elements. It presents a wizard with 9 simple steps for designing stunning charts. All you need is to go through the wizard to insert the chart in selected PowerPoint slide. Furthermore, you can change every bit of the chart, including, axis, gridlines, divisional lines, axis labels, specify chart legend type and transparency, while many chart layout related customizations are provided to make chart look as per your likings.

Before installing the add-in, make sure that PowerPoint is not running in the background. After the installation, open PowerPoint and head over to Insert tab. You will see an oomfo section on ribbon with three 3 options, Insert Chart, Edit Chart, and Export. To begin, open the slide and click Insert Slide and follow the wizard steps.

insert chart 2

The first step is to specify type of chart from a long list of chart types. Once done, move to Chart Data to enter data values which you wish to plot on chart. The Chart Cosmetics comprises of slew of features to change default chart layout, and to create and apply new designs. In Data Properties, you can choose how to display data labels and data values. Title for each axis can be specified under Axis and Titles. The Divisional lines refers to setting up horizontal and vertical gridlines.

oomfo chart

Once you’ve done designing chart into required form, click Finish to insert chart into current slide.


You can export the chart to image format to give presentation on any system without requiring oomfo. Click Export Chart As Image from Export menu to convert the chart into image format.

export chart

oomfo works with PowerPoint 2003, PowerPoint 2007, and PowerPoint 2010.

Download oomfo


  1. Thank you for the tip. Anybody knows how does it compare to the ThinkCell PowerPoint plugin?
    From the screenshots it looks more laborsome to use (though this one is free, of course).

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