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Excel 2011 For Mac Review: What’s New?

Like it’s counterparts, Excel 2011 has also been augmented with a lot of new features, tools and other improvements, unlike Excel 2008, which severely lacked user-friendly interface. Excel 2011 now includes a new fluent UI(user interface) tabbed interface, containing respective groups and galleries.

Microsoft Office Dev-team built new enhanced ribbon through Apple’s Cocoa development framework, thus offering more smooth sliding between tabs. Adding more, you will be able to rearrange them in any order.

The much anticipated Excel feature, Macros, has also marked it’s place in Excel 2011 feature list. Integrated-VB support will let you to create and customize functions, therefore advance users will be empowered with Macros-VBA language.

With improved templates, you will be able to give more professional look to your spreadsheet, as it contains multitude of professional, flamboyant and importantly flexible templates, which are easier to change in any desired way. SmartArt graphics seems more organized in SmartArt Graphic group, apart from just inserting SmartArt graphic, now you can easily modify them, change color, design, and styles under it’s tab present right up front.

Under Tables tab, you can instantly change table styles and designs, insert and delete options will make it more easy to manipulate the tables. Under Home tab, you will be able to apply quick themes over the spreadsheet.

As Office 2010 (Windows-based latest Office version) has more functions and added extensive formula support, Office 2011 for Mac covers a lot functions. Unlike it’s predecessor, evaluating formulas and applying functions are much easier in Excel 2011, as you can choose required function from huge built-in list that can be accessed from Formulas & Function gallery under Formulas tab.

Take a visual tour of Excel 2011 below.

Excel templates

Excel 2011--Themes

Excel 2011 Main Window

Excel 2011--main window

Tabbed Interface

Excel 2011--tabbed interface

Added Functions

Excel 2011--Formula & functions

Enriched SmartArts Graphics

Excel 2011--SmartArt

Enhanced Table Styles

Excel 2011--table styles

Customizable Ribbon:

Screen shot 2010-04-24 at 4.17.16 PM

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  1. Help I can;t work out data validation on Mac version of excel 2011. I just did a course and it was on PC. They told me it was the same for MAC. It isn’t. I haven’t got any idea what to do.

  2. hi there – how do evaluate formula’s on Mac Excel 2011, ? im struggling to find the function, thanks

  3. My excel seem to takes a loooooong time to open and to save, it is just a simple data files with no macro or anything fancy. 

  4. anyone else have issues with large data files? my excel tends to freak out much above 5000 data points. it froze when i worked with 15,000. My PC worked without hiccup on the same file.

  5. Ditto on the themes. Decided to take the plunge from 2004 to 2011, and 2004’s colors were similar to what you describe for 2008 (probably the same). 2011’s are pale and quite lacking in any variety. Was hoping to find somebody who had replicated the older theme so I could get my light blue and light green and sorta light purple and light yellow and etc back (what used to be on the bottom row) (and the other rows too for that matter). Not sure I could replicate it myself, but just may have to give it a shot.

    Not seeing much in the way of performance change in the way I do things, sometimes it seems much slower (printing) sometimes a teeny bit quicker, all in all a wash, except for the slower printing.

  6. Although the formulas are better, the borders and color choices are worst. I used to be able to use pale shades of rainbow colors on a table and quickly put in lines and borders and now it has become an arduous process, especially on the color. They give me ‘themes’ but not rainbow and certainly not blocks with different shades of same color. YIKES!! I want my 2008 Excel for mac BACK!

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