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Get Rid Of Can’t Create File Error With Cleanup Outlook Attachment

Since Outlook saves downloaded attachment files in Windows Temp folder, you often get ‘Can’t create file; right-click the folder you want to create the file in’ prompt when you have overwhelming number of attachments with same name in your mailbox. This error could possibly prevent Outlook from downloading more attachments and, in some cases, simply stop rendering emails with attachments. One way to resolve this problem is by accessing Windows registry, finding respective keys of random folder name followed by changing their titles. But if you don’t want to tweak with Windows registry every time you see Can’t create file prompt, use Outlook Attachment Cleanup to remove duplicate files having same title in your configured mail accounts. It’s a small add-on to determine how many files are there in your mailbox with same title and clean user-selected attachment files to avoid file naming conflicts.

When you run the add-on, it will automatically start scanning your Windows registry for duplicate Outlook attachments. File having same names are listed on the main screen with two options – Clean All and Clean Selected. It’s recommended to verify the attachments versions and received data stamp before deleting files.

attachment cleaner

You can perform the cleaning operation from Command Line Interpreter. Just navigate to add-in folder and enter OutlookCleanup.exe to begin cleaning duplication files. You can use silent switch (/SILENT) to perform cleaning without getting any prompts.

OutlookCleanup works with Outlook 2003, Outlook 2007, and Outlook 2010.

Download OutlookCleanup (First tool under Free Utilities section)

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