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How To Show Gridlines And Rulers in Word 2010 Document

By default, Rulers and Gridlines are concealed in Word 2010. To make them apparent on Word window, you have got to enable these options manually. For showing Rulers, Gridlines, head over to View tab and under Show group, enable Ruler and Gridlines options.


Here you can see Rulers are enabled now.


Gridlines comes in handy especially when you need to align the text, images and embedded objects in Word document.


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  • Liz

    When I checked Show Gridlines on the View tab I could NOT see the gridlines. 

    I found “View Gridlines” under the Layout tab.  That worked!  Note that the cursor needs to be inside the Table for you to see the Layout tab.

    • meg

      thank u!! ugh! that was my issue too!

  • Jen

    Does anyone know how to make View Gridlines on as the default setting?

  • Ben Morton

    It would be nice to be able to modify the size and color (transparency) of the gridlines.

  • help

    but the gridlines don’t print. how can you print them?

  • Chip

    How does one make the ruler on as the default setting?

  • Taylor

    I don’t even have the view tab, so how do I get the grid?

  • Hello

    I don’t even have a View tab, so what do I do????!!!!!

  • lahiru Supun

    Tnx its helpful to me…….

  • Ashish Oraon

    Thanks for the much important post, i Can now remove the ever irritating grid line background in word 2010