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OneNote 2010: Change Default Font Settings

Like in other Office 2010 apps, OneNote 2010 offers the very same way to change the default font settings, including font size, font color, and family. Let’s see how to change default font settings.

For changing the default font settings, on File menu, click Options.


It will open OneNote Options, from main window, under Default Font section, you can change Font; family, Size, and Font color.



  1. I think as a altenetive solution, or better a different solution altogether, it should be said that it is a totally different scenario if you want to visualize your window panes bigger. To do that go on the VIew tab, in the curent view group, click on View Settings, Other settings, then change Clolumn Font and Row font, by clicking it and adjusting to your needs. Then you’ll see your email list and preview (if you have one) in the font adjuted by you, and not only the composing e-mail. Hope that clears further the issue. Thanks!

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