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Outlook 2010: Add Background Image In Mail Compose Window

If you want to place an image background in Mail Compose window and sent it over to recipient, then Outlook 2010 provides a simple tool to place images as background. Through Page Color options you can customize the look of email content; insert solid and gradient patterns, borders, shapes and images. This post will focusing on inserting image background in Email compose window.

Launch Outlook 2010, and open Mail Compose window, head over to Options tab and from Page Color options, click Fill Effects.

fill effects

You will reach Fill Effects dialog, switch to Picture tab and click Select Picture.

fill effects 1

Upon click, it will bring up Select Picture dialog, now select the picture you want to add as a background and click Insert.

picture inserted

Now you will see the image is inserted in Fill Effects dialog, click OK to continue.


Now you should pick a bright font color to make it prominent over image.


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