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Show Information Of Outlook Mail, Calendars And Tasks On Desktop [Gadget]

Outlook Info is a useful Windows 7 desktop gadget to display Outlook information, such as, mail, calendar and tasks. It was developed for obvious reasons, since you need to open Outlook window each time to view latest emails, appointments, calendar items, and scheduled tasks, the gadget keeps itself synced with Outlook elements, allowing you to view the upcoming events, tasks and number of unread emails right from the desktop. With Outlook Info, you won’t need to browse through Outlook, since it lets you directly open specified mailbox, calendar and tasks.

After installation, you need to specify the mail, calendar and tasks folder to extract information from. From gadget settings, configure settings for calendar, mailbox and tasks. It also allows you to display information from subfolders, date/time stamps with calendar items with an option to include only filtered tasks based on categories. Furthermore, you can choose separate skin for docked and undocked interface layout.

gadget 1

It takes some time to display information from specified Outlook folders which is subjected to size of your archives.

gagdet 2

The icons shown on the gadget are clickable and they can lead you to respective Outlook element’s window.

calendar 1

The gadget works on both Windows Vista and Windows 7. Testing was done on Windows 7 x64 system.

Download Outlook Info


  1. Hello,

    Open Outlook and click the “Contacts” folder

    Double click the contact you wish to add a birthday to, then click “Details” (it is on the “General” tab)

    Type the person’s birthday in the “Birthday” field.

    Click “Save and Close” in the upper-left corner.

    That birthday should now appear when you click the “Calendar” tab in Outlook.

  2. Hi,
    I am sure it is probably sooo simple but I cannot find the functionality. How do I add a birthday date or other dates into a contact in outlook 2010. Any tips are welcome.

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