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Upgrade Microsoft Office Starter 2010

After releasing Office 2010 Starter, Microsoft will be looking for more customers to switch from Starter to final version or upgrade it, It seems like Microsoft will be anxiously waiting for the Starter users to give-up using this version, containing such minimal features and Advert pane, the link to upgrade Starter version is right in front of you.

Microsoft is taking a paradoxical stand, by integrating ads, which eventually compels users to upgrade the Office version, but at the same time, giving you a thought of having it for the life time without paying a single penny. Upon launching Starter, On the Home tab, you can see the Purchase button.


Upon clicking Purchase button, you will reach Microsoft website, where you will find the comparison sheet as shown in the screenshot below. You can then from this page choose to upgrade to Office Home and Student 2010 or Office Home and Business 2010.

web portasl

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  1. I went to start my Microsoft office 2010 this morning and found a window reading that the program was downloading with the application manager, the window read inside Microsoft starter downloading Done. But the program does not appear. What’s going on?

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