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Word 2010: Insert Hard Space (Non-Breaking Space)

Almost all the modern word processors support a variety of space character behaviors to let document editors easily use the required type of space in their documents. Just like other text processing applications, MS Word 2010 lets you choose the space character you want to add to your document. By default, it breaks the line when you hit space at the end of the line, allowing you to continue writing, but often we need to add a non-breaking space to shift multiple words to the next line like numbers with unit, for example 5 Kg, 200 Km etc. For those who are not familiar with Non-breaking space, casually known as Hard Space, it is a type of space character that helps prevent line breaking. It comes useful in situations where at the end of the line, a space is required without breaking the line.

Most coders also use it to collapse a series a space character into a single space. In MS Word, you can insert a hard space using Ctrl+Shift+Spacebar keys. When you need to insert a non-breaking space, simply use the Ctrl+Shift+Space hotkey combination to shift the word to the next line if it comes at the end of the line. Unlike simple space that moves the single character to the next line, it can move the entire word to the next line, even if you place insert cursor inside the word and then insert the hard space. 

The following screenshots show the difference between simple space and non-breaking space.

Space required



Simple Space


Non-breaking Space


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