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1-click Recovery Flasher Installs Custom Recoveries On Android Phones

If you’re an experienced Android user or even an aspiring one, you would know that you have got to have a rooted Android device to experience the OS to the fullest. What follows next is a custom recovery and while for some it’s as easy as installing via ROM Manager, some devices require a cumbersome effort on part of the user and there’s a high chance of messing up. While ROM Manager lets us install ClockworkMod recovery onto most of our devices, some devices are left out while some users want a different custom recovery. It is for this purpose that RootzWiki forum member adlx has released an app that lets you flash custom recoveries compatible with your device from an online library.

The app supports the following devices for now, but hopefully support for more devices will follow in the future:

  • Motorola Cliq & Dext.
  • Motorlola Backflip.
  • Motorola CliqXT & Quench.
  • HTC myTouch 4G.

Do keep note of the fact that you need to have a rooted device for this app to work properly. You should see our top 10 reasons to root your Android device in case you’re wondering why and if you should root your device.

Using the app is a breeze, and according to the developer, it is meant for the most novice of users hence an easy to use app. (Images courtesy of the developer.)


Once the app is launched, (make sure you have internet access on the phone and an SD card installed.) the app will search for relevant recoveries available for your phone in the online database. Once you see the recovery of your choice simply select it and hit the Download and Flash button to download the recovery (it will be downloaded on your SD card) and prompt you for confirmation. Hit the Yes tab and wait for the recovery to to flash.

Pretty easy no? 1-click Recovery Flasher has loads of potential, and hopefully with broadened support for more Android phones in the future, it will surely be a hit in the Android world.

Download 1-click Recovery Flasher for Android

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