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30 Day Challenge: Vote On & Share Photos Based On A Daily Topic [WP7]

Photo sharing is not a new concept by any means, even for a relatively-infant platform like Windows Phone 7, so it is always nice to see apps which bring something new to this rather crowded genre. 30 Day Challenge is one such app, which brings an amazingly new flavor to photo sharing. Much like writer’s block, we all tend to ignore the cameras in our smartphones for long stretches of time, undecided which photo you want to snap and share. This app provides a solution for that, and presents users with an exclusive topic each day, requiring you to post photos related to that topic. Other people using 30 Day Challenge get three votes daily, and the photo with most votes ends up featured for all to see.

30 Day Challenge WP7 30 Day Challenge List 30 Day Challenge Calendar

In order to use the app, you will have to sign up for a new account. Doing so requires the entering of a username, password and other personal information, and once you have done that, you are good to go. The main page of 30 Day Challenge displays Today’s Challenge, which is along these lines “A picture of something blossoming”, or “A picture of something that will make everyone smile”. The challenges are designed to make users think out of the box and take in their surroundings in a new light. To view the challenges that have already come to pass, you can go to the menu marked Challenges, and by tapping the day of the month, you can view photos that were posted that day. A rather random feature of 30 Day Challenge is its Appointments menu, which displays a calendar where you can keep track of your commitments each day.

30 Day Challenge Feed 30 Day Challenge Post

If the day’s topic stimulates you enough, tap the Take Photo button on the main page of 30 Day Challenge, and you will be able to shoot a photo of the scene in front of you. You can add a location and description to the snapped picture, and then share it to 30 Day Challenge’s own network, or to Facebook. The app’s photo editor also allows users to rotate the image they have captured. To use the votes assigned to you each day, just go to Online Pics and hit the vote button which comes up when you touch any entry.

Though the app can use a few improvements, especially in the interface department. The concept behind 30 Day Challenge is so unique that you just have to give it a shot if you own a Mango phone and like photography.

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