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5 Insanely Addictive Games For iPhone, iPod Touch & iPad

It wouldn’t be too far fetched a statement to say that Apple truly revolutionized the mobile gaming experience, complete with superb graphics and and even smoother frame rates. It would also be safe to say that iOS devices currently cater to the some of the best, and overall the largest, genre and titles when it comes to games. Bearing all this in mind, it is no surprise that most awesome games out there for iOS-based devices don’t cost much, but cost you nonetheless. This is why, when it comes to iOS, unlike Android, free games are anxiously looked at. You never know what you might come across, which is why we gathered top 5 addictive, yet free, games for iOS.


IMG_0444 IMG_0445

Allow us to start of by saying that this game, is insane! Requiring quick reflexes on part of your mind of course, the objective is to help your little Ninja jump from wall to wall, avoiding obstacles, enemy ninjas and a fox and a bird, if that makes sense! Why are we doing this? To gain more height, of course, which will give you a higher score, and if you’re not ashamed of letting people know you play such mindless games in your spare time, you can share your scores via Facebook, Twitter and even email. Game Center support is also included.

Install NinJump

Jailbreaker 2

IMG_0461 IMG_0458

IMG_0459 IMG_0460

Successor to the original Jailbreaker, Jailbreaker 2, unlike it’s predecessor, can be found in the App Store for free. Roll or jump to avoid obstacles as you run on, without a clue as to what lies at the end. Coupled with pumped up background music and some really cool weather effects, this game is bound to keep you occupied for quite a while, making you want to push further and further on every retry. (Editor’s note: wasted half an hour of mine while editing this post).

Install Jailbreaker 2

Boss Battles

IMG_0464 IMG_0465

IMG_0466 IMG_0467

The good old arcade-styled shooters never get old, especially if it involves planes and space. Boss Battles gives you some powerful weapons to choose from to annihilate aliens, robots, bugs (aliens again) etc. The objective is to destroy the Boss at the end of each level, and every time he gets stronger, but so does the bounty that you earn. Collect as many diamonds as you can to add to your bank in order to purchase weaponry and upgrades. This game will end up frustrating you, because you will not want to give up. If you swear while playing this game, trust us, we’ll understand.

Install Boss Battles

Lane Splitter

IMG_0448 IMG_0451

IMG_0453 IMG_0457

Precision and control is a must as you speed your bike across the road through traffic, where cars do turn on the indicator as they change lane, but don’t rely on it too much. As you progress, your speed increases, and so does the traffic. Tilt right and left to control the bike, and tap the screen to wheelie and increase speed, but be careful; the steering becomes really sensitive at this time. The controls of this game are truly remarkable, making full use of the gyroscope, and you have to play this title to realize what we’re talking about.

Install Lane Splitter


IMG_0462 IMG_0463

AddictingGames, as the name itself suggests, is an app that packs multiple games that will keep you occupied, mainly due to the sheer variety it has to offer.

Install Addicting Games

The games listed above are purely opinionated, so, please, feel free to let us know about more free and addictive, insane games you have come across, or played on iOS.

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