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aconTags: Group Contacts Under Three Tiers Of Labels [Android]

aconTags is an extremely effective and simple-to-use contact management Android app that apart from providing you with the option to create an unlimited number of groups, lets you further divide each group into subgroups twice, assigning appropriate labels to each. In short, it provides you with three levels of grouping. For instance, you can create a general group for all your mail contacts, several subgroups for contacts that have an account on Gmail and other mail services, and then further divide those into subgroups for work contacts, friends and family. aconTags fetches all the contacts from your address book and lets you call, text  and mail them, and check their location via Google Maps.

While arranging contacts into three tiers or levels of groups isn’t entirely necessary, doing so could prove to be mighty useful while browsing through a particularly large address book.

An example of the grouping can be seen within the screenshot provided below, which shows the breakdown of Phone contacts into ones that have a Landline and/or a Mobile number, where the Mobile segment is further divided into various telecom networks.


The app lists all your phone and mail contacts on its homescreen. To begin creating labels within the first level, tap Create your first label from the top of this screen. Once a label/group is created, you can simply start filling it with required contacts by selecting them from the list displayed below, or add another label to it. For this, you need to tap the plus (+) icon that appears below the previously created label. As mentioned earlier, there is no restriction whatsoever on the number of groups that can be created within each tier. Similarly, you can place as many contacts within each group as you wish. Once done, just hit the Back key to exit edit mode.

Selecting a contact from the homescreen allows you to edit, call, text and mail the contact, or view the associated address within Google Maps. Selecting any of these actions launches the appropriate stock app.

Other than letting you enable/disable sounds and vibrations, the app’s settings screen (Menu > Settings) lets you edit Tags (labels) and select Accounts (contacts from your phone, mail accounts or both). While modifying tags, you can long-press to edit their title or to Remove them entirely.

The app might sound somewhat complicated but as a matter of fact, it is quite user-friendly, easy to understand and most importantly, one of the simplest ways to keep the long list of contacts well-organized on your device.


However, there are a few additions that the app could use. A nifty little homescreen widget, in-app support for adding new contacts, fetching friends from various online services (Facebook, Skype et al) and some improvement in terms of aesthetics are a few that immediately come to mind.

Since the dev has announced an upcoming Pro variant of aconTags that would remove ads and provide users with an option to back up their content, we’re hoping most (if not all) of the aforementioned features will also be considered by the time the Pro version hits the Market.

Download aconTags for Android

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