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Add Lockscreen Widgets For Weather, System Stats & RSS Feed To Unlocked WP7

Jaxbot has done it yet again. The amazing Windows Phone 7 developer just keeps coming with more and more awesome homebrews, and seems determined to make the Mango platform what it should have been in the first place. WP7 is now fast catching up with iOS and Android in terms of basic features, specially if you have a developer unlocked device. One thing which even iOS doesn’t have is lockscreen widgets, and now WP7 has got this Android-like feature thanks to the latest homebrew by Jaxbot, named Lock Widgets. The XAP will let users add widgets for weather, RAM statistics, OS update information and even the RSS feed of a particular website. Awed? Read on to learn more.

Lock Widgets WP7 WP7 Widgets

The app is in its beta phase for now, so there are a few bugs which you might experience. For one thing, the app’s setup menu worked for us only while we were plugged in to the PC and Zune was running. Also, the choose button didn’t work. Apart from that, Lock Widgets does what it is meant to do. Please note that you have to choose a wallpaper in order to make the app work properly. If the homebrew isn’t letting you choose a wallpaper manually, select the use Bing wallpaper option. Once that has been done, you can begin adding widgets to the lockscreen of your phone. There are 4 of them available.

  • Weather
  • RAM
  • RSS Feed
  • Debug

For setting up weather, you will need to enter the name or ZIP code of your city or region. Just hit the enter key when you have done that. The RAM and Debug widgets just have to be enabled and require no further setup. The Debug widget displays the last time you updated the firmware of your device, while RAM lists the current memory usage and number of current processes. The RSS widget requires users to enter the feed’s address and press enter. All the widget changes can be performed by tapping the ‘+’ button in the bottom bar of Lock Widgets.

Lock Widgets also lets you preview the changes you have made to your lockscreen, and if you are satisfied with everything, just exit the app and enjoy the awesome changes this free homebrew makes to your unlocked WP7. To grab the XAP file, and learn more about the homebrew, head to the source link provided below.

[via WPHacker]

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