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AnyVoice: Get A Variety Of New Accents For iPhone’s Siri [Cydia]

In a relatively short period of time, Siri has become one of the favorites for developers on the Cydia store. There are many tweaks related to iPhone’s talking personal assistant, and using them, you can customize almost all aspects of Siri. One thing that had remained unchanged so far, though, is the number of accents Siri uses to talk to you. You can change its voice by changing the whole language preferences for Siri, but that is too much trouble just to get a new voice for her. Also, changing the language also makes Siri comprehend input speech differently. Now, however, it has become possible to change the voice Siri uses without meddling with the language. Enter AnyVoice, a new Cydia tweak that gives you an impressive collection of accents that you can apply to Siri’s voice. Read on to know more.

AnyVoice Cydia AnyVoice Accents

AnyVoice is available in the ModMyi repo in the Cydia store, and you can download it for free from there. Once installed, the tweak causes no apparent change to Siri straight away, as you have to apply the changes via the AnyVoice menu added to the stock Settings app under Extensions. Inside that menu, you will find just one option, and that is named Voice. By default it is set to standard, leaving Siri’s accent untouched. To start having fun with the endearing assistant’s voice, enter this menu and choose from among the list of accents available there. You will find that the tweak has accents of just about all major languages, and all it takes is a single tap before they are applied to Siri. You can make Siri speak like an Irish, Australian, Indian, Japanese, Danish and a whole lot of others.

Once a new accent has been chosen, launch Siri and say anything. You will feel the difference immediately. Keep in mind, however, that AnyVoice won’t affect the way Siri accepts input, so, if you have chosen Japanese as Siri’s voice, the input language and accent must still be the one you chose in Siri’s stock settings. AnyVoice is more of a fun tweak rather than being something actually useful, but non-native English speakers are sure to like the tweak as it will make them feel more at-home. For a free tweak, AnyVoice can prove to be lots of fun, so do give it a try and hear all the awesome voices and accents waiting for you out there.


  1. I downloaded it in Cydia
    and it great. I got different accent and different language for Siri.
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