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App Flow – A New Way To Discover Windows Phone 7 Apps

If you are a relatively new Windows Phone 7 user, chances are that you are thinking “What did I miss?” It is common for trends in apps to keep on changing with time. One app which is famous today might become completely unknown in the Marketplace within a month. This doesn’t mean that the app has lost its productivity or positives. It’s just that most people have already downloaded it and the world moved on. There is no easier way to search for such apps in the Marketplace, or rather, there hasn’t been one until now. Meet App Flow – a search engine and comprehensive app discovery tool for the WP7 Marketplace.

App FlowHomepage

So let’s cut to the chase. App Flow is a Marketplace client which lets you search and purchase any app available there. So what’s the difference? Why not use the official app hub? The App hub doesn’t have the Forgotten Legends menu, that’s why! Even though there are a few other options available in the app, Forgotten legends is the one that stands out the most. The concept is pretty unique and has sure made us fall in love with App Flow.

Forgotten LegendsNew & Impressive

Forgotten Legends lists apps which once ruled WP7 but have moved out of the spot light now. I know people (okay, I’ll admit I am talking about myself) who have scoured a considerable portion of the available 30,000 apps in the Marketplace to find something good (and free) for the XBox Live hub. But in App Flow, the best rated apps from the past are listed, and that too pretty efficiently. The listed apps are both paid and free and you can download them right from within the app by clicking the download button at the bottom of the screen.

App Flow listRising Stars

Among the other options, there are New & Impressive apps, Rising Stars (lists trending apps), and apps suggested by the App Flow staff in the Staff Picks menu. Top Apps are displayed based on a number of criteria including paid, free, most downloaded and highest rated. If you find an app in the Worth Trying section, you should download it anyway as it usually turns out to be more than just worth trying.

App Flow isn’t really an alternative for Marketplace but even as a third-party app, it is a must-have for WP7 users who are looking for an easier, faster way to explore the app market.

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    • As told in the review, AppFlow isn’t really a Marketplace alternative. It just shows the best matches according to the criteria you chose. If you want all the apps for a particular category, you can do that in the official Marketplace hub on your WP7.

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