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Apply Extensive Customizable Effects To Photos With Paint FX For iPhone & iPad

When it comes to photo editing apps for iOS, you have to make a choice between thoroughness and convenience. There is a class of apps which let you make changes to photos on an iPhone with a single tap, while others make sure that you get the exact result you set out looking for. Paint FX is an app which combines these two categories in perfect proportion. While using this app, you don’t get stuck trying to do too much before you actually get to see some change in your photo, but on the other hand, it also offers a respectable amount of customization. The app has a lot of filters and photo effects, and you can change them as well to match your needs.

Paint FX iPhone Paint FX Options

Surprisingly, the app is pretty easy to use, and even starts off with graphical instructions pertaining to its usage. Paint FX supports layer, and that means you can combine as many effects as you want over a single part of the image. To add a new layer, just tap the Layer button and name the new layer. Similar options exist for mask and erase. To let you edit more thoroughly, Paint FX has the pan/zoom option, letting you adjust the photo before the effects are actually applied. To edit a photo, you can Import from Facebook, or there is the option to Load from Photo Album. Unfortunately, there is no option to snap a photo straight from your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch’s camera, and then edit it. Once you have opened a photo in the editor, you are ready to apply the beautiful effects offered by Paint FX.

Paint FX Effects Paint FX Brush

To choose an effect, go to the FX menu, and browse through the extensive list of filters available in the app. A preview of the effect is displayed in the respective thumbnail. You will find just about any filter you can think of in the app’s list, and there are two ways of applying it to your chosen image. You can either go for the finger paint method, which means that only the area you scrub over will get the effect, or there is the option to choose Fill FX, which will apply the selected effect to the whole photo. If you choose Paint FX method, then the app offers options to customize Brush Size, Opacity and Edge via moving the slider offered in the brush menu.

Paint FX will set you back $1.99, but it does have the advantage of being optimized for both iPhone and iPad, and has an impressive collection of photo effects and respective customizations. You can download the app from the link below.

Download Paint FX

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