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Barcode Cache: Share Info Contained Within Scanned Barcodes [Android]

With the advent of modern-day smartphones, tablets and other high-end devices, the usage of barcodes/QR codes has seen a significant rise. In fact, a barcode reader/scanner is one of those ubiquitous utilities that are found in most mobile devices these days. A barcode scanner can be used to fetch/read information contained within the QR code of a product, app, URL, contact et al. Said purpose can be achieved using a barcode scanner that has the capacity of scanning a QR code via your device’s camera. Among the most commonly used Android barcode readers, we have the very popular Barcode Scanner, QR Droid, QR Pal and several others. Fresh to the Google Play Store, Barcode Cache is a simple yet extremely handy Android app that works in combination with your favorite barcode scanning app to the save/cache all the scanned QR codes under various user-specified categories. Using Barcode Cache, you can keep track of the total number of QR codes scanned for each category, and share all the information contained within each code with your friends/colleagues on the go. To further help you easily differentiate between various barcode-based categories, the app lets you assign a specific title and color for each category. All you need to do is keep scanning QR codes of required items one-by-one, and share all data contained within the entire category with your friends in one go. More to follow.

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In order to start using the app, you must first fill it up with a few categories. For this, tap Menu > Create Label, provide a desired category name, and you’re good to go. Once a category/label is created, you can tap it to scan the barcode of a new item. Remember, Barcode Cache is not a scanner itself. Instead, it just serves as a means to cache all the information about the QR code of any item that you scan via your favorite barcode scanning app. Just Google ‘barcode scanner for Android’, and you’re likely to be presented with more than adequate barcode reading options for your device.

Once a code is scanned, it gets listed under its parent category. Long pressing a category title reveals a context menu that carries several options such as Edit Label, Delete Label, Clean barcodes from label (empties the category cache), Send to (for sharing underlying QR code info), and Change Color.

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In all, a very useful concept, especially considering a situation where you might be required to share barcode-oriented information with your contacts in bulk. However, the lack of support for natively scanning barcodes, and displaying information pertaining to the scanned QR codes is something that can be cited as the only loophole in an otherwise effective data/information sharing tool.

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