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Be A DJ To Remix Or Ruin Any Song With Beat Slice For iPhone/ iPad

Just about everyone likes music, and change is always welcome. That’s what Beat Slice does; it lets you change your favorite songs in any way you want. Looking at a DJ you might have wondered how tough it must be to create a brand new remix for a song, but after you use this awesome iOS app, you will feel that you can be a DJ without breaking a sweat. Beat Slice is an app for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch, using which you can remix any song. If you get the mix right, you get an awesome track, but even if you get it wrong, there’s still a really enjoyable (and mostly comical) product of your efforts. Ever wanted to be a DJ? If yes, head past the break.

Beat Slice iPhone Beat Slice Song

When you launch the app for the first time, there is a sample remixed track preloaded in Beat Slice, which gives you a taste of things which can be accomplished using the app. To play the sample, just hit the big play button at the bottom of the screen. To load a song from your library to the app, hit the Music button, and go to the Songs section from the menu which opens up. There all the songs in your iDevice music library will be listed, and you can choose any one of them. After the song has been chosen, Beat Slice will take a few minutes to analyze the track, and once that has been done, you can start having fun with it.

There are 5 effects which can be applied to a track (there are more, but you have to unlock them via in-app purchases of $0.99 each). Reverser flips the contents of the track, including the voice and music. Low n High reverses the notes of the chosen sections of the songs. If you use slicer, you will get a stop/start quality in the song’s selected areas. There are many variations within the slicer, and you can try them all out by repeatedly tapping the tiles. Lo-fi reduces the volume of the track, while mute it omits the chosen sections altogether. To give the users more customization, Beat Slice has 4 slots for saving your remix settings (labeled as A, B, C & D). To specify the level of detail for applying the effects you can change the number of tiles shown in the grid, and that is done by choosing a number from among those listed in the bottom right.

Beat Slice might not be the most useful app out there in the App Store, but it sure can give you hours of fun, and for that, you just have to grab it as it has recently gone free, and is available as a universal app.

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