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BitDefender For Android Keeps Your Device Free Of Malware

Android’s vulnerability against internal and external threats is no surprise to anyone. However, a good thing is that there are plenty of security apps in the Android Market that help users keep the lid closed on all such threats. Be it adware, spyware, viruses or any sort of spyware, you’re almost certain to find a solution to various types of threats. While some of the tools are offered by relatively new companies, most of the trusted apps come from reputable companies which are gradually starting to take interest in the fast-flourishing smartphone industry. ESET, Norton, Comodo and Trend Micro are just a few examples of some tech giants that have already jumped on to the Android bandwagon. An encouraging aspect, however, is that the trend is still on the rise, as we continue to see other names enter the foray as well. In beta as of this writing, BitDefender Mobile Security is a comprehensive anti-malware application for Android that, with an assortment of user-activated and passive (background) tools for system protection, “keeps your Android device safe on the move” with negligible effect on battery and performance.

The app features a cloud-based, on-demand Malware Scanner that sifts through all installed apps while tallying their security status with online BitDefender servers and an on-install scanning service that automatically scans newly installed apps. In addition, it allows users to view scan history (Event Viewer) and a Security Audit of all installed applications with the option to filter by permissions.


As claimed in the description on the app’s Android Market page, BitDefender has a negligible impact on battery and performance and has been tested to scan around a hundred apps in half a minute – a feature that most of the contemporary solution providers have simply been unable to offer with their respective tools. In our test-run, however, the scanning process was much slower. The scanning is cloud-based and naturally, its speed should vary according to the speed of the active internet connection.


The only thing we feel is missing as of yet is the option to disable on-install scanning. The feature, however, isn’t entirely necessary, as the service does not seem to have a discernable effect on performance.

Download the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link code. Malware doesn’t get past the Android Market’s filters every day, but its better to be safe than sorry. BitDefender is a simple, light (and sleek) way to be safe.

Download BitDefender Mobile Security For Android


  1. Finally Google comes out with “BitDefender Mobile Security” which is anti-malware application for Android and it automatically scans the newly install applications. most of all this service do not have any impact while processing.

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