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Bloom* For iPhone: Motivate, Inform Or Inspire Yourself & Others Through Mini-Presentations

In my experience, motivating or inspiring oneself in isolation is next to impossible. Mostly, some external stimulus is needed to get you going. Your friends can prove to be a great source of motivation, or you might come across some beautiful landscape that can spark your creativity. Bloom* integrates all such things into one innovative iOS app. It is a source of presentations, uploaded both by the Bloom* staff and the app’s users, designed to motivate people regarding various aspects of life. If you want to create a presentation of your own, the app offers a nice photo editor, and you can set any song from your library as the presentation’s background music. Read on to learn more about this app.

Bloom Home. Bloom List Bloom Shop

Bloom* starts off with a small presentation of its own, highlighting the app’s usage and purpose. If you want to view some of the presentations in Bloom*, go to the Bloom* Shop, where many presentations are listed under distinct categories. The repositories are updated pretty regularly, and a new badge indicates if there has been any activity in a particular genre. The Blooms (the app’s name for presentations) are played periodically (you can set up the schedule), and just like ordinary alarms, it is possible to snooze a Bloom so that it will resume playing at a later time.

Bloom Presentation Bloom Reminders

When you think you have grasped the real meaning behind a particular Bloom, hit the I Bloom’d button, located in the middle of the bottom bar. It is also possible to share a presentation with your friends via email, or post it to your social network. You may edit any Bloom and personalize it in any way you want. Bloom* makes use of push notifications to play presentations for you at predefined time intervals.

Bloom Creator Bloom Photo Editor Bloom BG Music

If you want to create a new Bloom from scratch, you can do so by choosing images from your device’s camera roll, Bloom*’s library, or by snapping photos right from within the app. Each photo loaded to the app can be edited pretty thoroughly, and there are a few pretty good stickers and filters available as well. Once you have touched the images to perfection, the next step is to add a background track to the presentation. It is possible to add a song from your iTunes library, or even if you don’t have a particular song, you can add its preview from the online iTunes store. The images, and their corresponding captions, will appear whenever a Bloom is played, and the creator of the presentation can also choose to shuffle the screens around.

Bloom* is available for free on the iTunes App Store. The link provided below will take you to its App Store page.

Download Bloom*

[via LifeHacker]

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