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[Breaking] AlphaRevX Unlocks HTC Sensation Bootloader [Video]

Although HTC has promised to unlock HTC Sensation bootloaders in the future (along with those of many other of their devices) due to popular demand from the user community (and the potential threat of many users switching to other vendors for their next devices if HTC refuses to do so), many users aren’t in the mood to wait till September for this one thing. Apparently, creators of AlphaRev unlock tool for bootloader locked HTC Devices have managed to unlock HTC Sensation bootloader with their new tool AlphaRevX. Read on to learn more and watch the video.

The tool is still under heavy testing and isn’t available for public use yet, but based on the current developments, we can safely say that it will be released within a time span of 2 to 3 weeks. For those who are unaware, unlocking any Android device’s bootloader allows you to flash custom ROMs and radios, gain full unrestricted root access by flashing insecure boot images, and apply different kernel level hacks and mods to optimize the device’s functionality.

As for the evidence, there is a YouTube Video that shows it all:

There is no ETA provided for this release, but we are sure that it will be out pretty soon. In the past, AlphaRev has been most famous for helping users with gaining S-OFF on previous HTC devices such as the HTC Desire (which seemed to have very strong protection at the bootloader level that had users and developers pulling their hair out for long), before developing AlphaRevX. AlphaRevX is the same tool that helps in gaining S-OFF on the HTC Incredible S, HTC Wildfire, HTC Incredible 2, HTC Desire S etc. Stay tuned with us for more information as it unfolds, and keep checking back for our full coverage and how-to guides for unlocking the bootloaders of all these devices just as soon as the tool becomes released to the public.

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