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CacheClearer For WP7: Clear App Cache Files To Speed Up Performance [Homebrew]

Anyone who has been using a Windows Phone 7 device for a considerably long time, must surely have noticed that their phone becomes a bit laggy with the passage of time. This issue is not exclusive to the Mango platform; the same thing happens on Android, iOS and even desktop platforms. This is owing to the fact that the system’s cache starts building up as the app count on your device increases. By default, or even through third-party apps, there is no way of clearing your WP7’s app cache. That’s where the new Homebrew “CacheClearer” comes into the picture. Using this app, you can free up a lot of internal space (in the order of several Megabytes) on your device. Not only does it let you analyze the cache usage of each app individually, you can use it to get rid of the device’s lag by cleaning up everything in a safe and convenient way.

CacheClearer WP7 List CacheClearer WP7 Result

Despite the app’s rather complicated-sounding functionality, using CacheClearer is really easy. The main page of the Homebrew lists all the apps that are installed on your device. From the Settings menu in the bottom bar of the app, you can choose to run it in background so that it can continue working even if you navigate away while the cache clearing operation is under way. The button marked quick clean at the bottom of this main screen will let you clear the cache of all the apps present in the main list. On our rarely used Omnia 7, doing this freed up a total of 54 MB of space! A pretty impressive haul for such a device.

CacheClearer WP7 App Summary CacheClearer WP7 Files

In case you want to view and clear each app’s cache individually, just tap its name in the list. In the Summary section of each app’s dedicated page, you will be presented with a pie chart, showing the percentages of the file types occupying the cache on the app’s behalf. To see the details of each area in the app, just tap anywhere on the chart and explanatory text will pop up. By swiping to the right, you can view the list of all the Files that are included in the app’s cache folder. To clear individual caches, just tap the Clear cache button on the app’s page.

CacheClearer is a really useful app, and serves the dual purpose of freeing up extra space and making your phone more efficient. So, if you have got a rooted Windows Phone device, CacheClearer is a must-have utility. You can grab the XAP from the download link provided below.

Download CacheClearer

[via WPHacker]


  1. “Anyone who has been using a Windows Phone 7 device for a considerably long time, must surely have noticed that their phone becomes a bit laggy with the passage of time”

    I surely have no idea what you’re talking about. I’ve been using a 1st generation WP device (Samsung Omnia 7) for almost a year now and have not witnessed any such lag in this OS, and I am an app junkie. I probably have more than 120 apps on my phone (excluding games) and I see no change whatsoever in the buttery-smooth performance of this OS. Only me?

    • We have way more than 120 on our testing device, and it is rooted, with loads of Homebrews installed as well, maybe that’s why. Although you are right, the lag isn’t too noticeable, unlike on other platforms.

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