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Change Lock And Unlock Sounds With Lock Sound Changer For Android

Lock-sound-changerThe Android OS was born and bred for customization, to be used with ROMs, themes, launchers, kernels etc. of your choice! While the possibilities were rendered endless, somewhere along the way, the average PC user or the less tech savvy Android user got left behind. How? Well consider changing a simple lock sound on an Android device and the push and pull commands involved via ADB. Back this up, back that up! Some people just end up walking away from that headache. With Lock Sound Changer you can change your devices lock / unlock sounds with ease.

The only thing that this app requires, is for your device to be rooted and the the audio files meant for lock and unlock be in the .ogg format, that’s it. The app’s support for working only with OGG files comes as a surprise because of the popularity and a generic use that we have become accustomed to seeing with most mobile devices. However, as long as you can make do with converting your favorite MP3s into required OGG files, you should be able to enjoy those sound bits as your Android’s default lock and unlock sounds.


To use the app is fairly very simple with the instructions laid out on the main screen. The important thing here is to backup your old lock sounds before messing around. You can do that by selecting Backup Old Sounds. Go ahead, no need to be skeptical about it, we tested it and it does that successfully.

Once you have your sounds backed up, rename your lock and unlock sounds to locked and unlocked. Copy these files to the Locksoundchanger folder in your SD card. When you do that, you will see two files already in that folder, unlocked.orig and locked.orig, these are your original backed up sounds so let them be where they are and don’t delete them.

Once you’ve copied your files to that folder, simply select Change Lock Sounds and the change will take immediately. Go ahead and lock your phone, you will hear your new lock sound. Unlock it and you will hear the new unlock sound, that simple!

Incase you want to move back to the stock sounds, you can always select the Restore Old Sounds and you’ll immediately revert back to your backed up lock / unlock sounds.

So go ahead give this awesome app a shot by installing it from the Android Market link below or via the QR code.

Download Lock Sound Changer For Android

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