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Andie Graph For Android Emulates TI Graphing Calculators

Tired of your bulky, old and rusty TI graphing calculator? Looking for a lighter, more ‘current’ alternate? Look no further. Andie Graph for Android allows you to emulate Texas Instruments graphing calculators on your Android device. As of this writing, the emulator supports TI-82, TI-83, TI-85 and TI-86 graphing calculators.

Unlike its predecessor (which was removed from the Android Market for illegal distribution of TI graphing calculator firmware), Andie Graph does not come packed with a ROM (TI firmware, not Android ROM), and requires you to extract your own, or grab one from the internet.


With the increase in smartphone use, several gadgets are becoming obsolete quite fast, and calculators might be one of them. Most modern smartphones either ship with a basic calculator app, or have many available for them, and on platforms like iOS and Android, there are several quite advanced calculator apps available as well, Andie Graph being one of them.

To legally use Andie Graph, you must, of course, own one the aforementioned TI-8X series graphing calculators, create a ROM for your calculator from your computer using an emulator that allows ROM dumping (such as TiEmu or Virtual TI) and copy it to any directory on your SD card. On launch, the emulator automatically scans your card for ROM images, subsequently changing its interface in accordance with the detected firmware.

It is illegal to host a ROM file or use it if you don’t own the said calculator but we understand that not all who own one possess the skills required to extract it, and finding such tools and using them for the ROM extraction process might not be easy for newbies. While we can not host or provide a link to any of these ROMs here due to legal reasons, we can suggest searching on Google for the calculator’s model name followed by ‘ROM’ or ‘firmware’, and you will certainly come across one. Be careful to not grab it from a source that looks shady, to avoid malware downloads and always scan the downloaded file with a good Antivirus package before using it. Again, you are legally not allowed to use the firmware of a calculator that you don’t own.

If you have multiple
ROMs on your SD card, you may switch between them from within the emulator’s Settings screen (Menu > Settings).

You can grab the app for free from the Android Market via the provided link or QR code.

Download Andie Graph


  1. no the .rom doesnt come with it, if you read the description he said its illegal just like game roms, you have to find it somewhere else…or find someone with an actual calculator and copy it

  2. I unzipped it and it create a romdump file, which is inside my SD card. But when I run the emulator, it can’t detect any rom. Do I have to run the .exe? If so,how do I do it, considering that android can’t run exe.

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