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Chop Chop – Unique Note Taking Android App With Four Data Input Modes

For quite some time now, Evernote has been lauded by web, iOS and Android users as their premiere note taking app, but that does not imply that there is no room for new entrants or fresh ideas. A fine example of a product sporting both said attributes is Chop Chop – a note taking app for Android that supports a unique data input functionality to help you prepare and manage notes on your device in a much better way. Chop Chop is a handy tool for users who need to take quick notes during a conference, meeting or while attending a lecture, and have to tackle various data types such as words, numbers, checklists and all. To help ease said task, Chop Chop has been designed to take quick notes by inserting data-specific entries. You can also search and edit your notes, create duplicate entries of notes and share them with your online friends.

The app’s interface shows four tabs, each of which represents a specific data type. In all, the app relies on the following four different tabs to cater for all your note taking needs:

  1. Words
  2. Numbers
  3. Checklists
  4. Pairs

To add a new entry to any of the aforementioned tabs, tap on the preferred data type (tab) and press Menu > Add.

The purpose of NumbersWords and Checklist tabs should be obvious to most users. The Pairs tab comes in handy when you are required to take down notes for a list of paired items. Once you create a new Pairs entry, the app prompts you to select pairing options of your words with either other words or with numbers. Like with checklists, you can add as many rows in a specific pair along with assigning a particular number to each pair. All the created entries can be viewed from the app’s home screen. To modify an entry, just tap on it and select the appropriate action.

While the free variant of Chop Chop enhances note taking to a great extent, the full (paid) version adds a couple of additional features. The full version supports a home screen widget and has the ability to export your notes to CSV and txt format. Also, it has the capability to automatically create a new entry in the app when content is copied to clipboard. Download links to both the free as well as the full version of Chop Chop are provided below.

Download Chop Chop Free for Android

Download Chop Chop Full for Android (Paid)

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