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Clever Alarm Makes You Solve Problems To Shut Out The Sound [WP7]

Alarm clocks have been a part of our daily lives for as long as we can remember. Most people start their day with the shrill sound of their alarm waking them up. Previously, clocks or radios were used to set alarms, but as mobile phone started becoming popular, their use as alarm generators increased too. All that was, however, before smartphones came into existence. Smartphones have changed just about every aspect of our lives, and even something as small as an alarm clock hasn’t managed to escape their influence. If you own a Windows Phone 7 device, there is the stock Alarms app in it, which serves the purpose pretty efficiently. Not only that, there are many third-party apps for Mango phones as well, using which users can enjoy the innovation in alarms. Clever Alarm is one such app, and it is so much more than just an alarm clock. The app will make sure that you are properly awake before it gives up on trying to make you rise and shine. It makes use of mathematical equations, QR codes and number sorting for that purpose.

Clever Alarm Nap Clever Alarm WP7 Clever Alarm Wake up Question

Many times it happens to lots of people that they miss their alarms and end up getting late for whatever task the alarm was set. This usually happens if you are asleep and doze off after shutting out the annoying sound. Clever Alarm comes up with a solution to that pestering problem. There are four ways you can make the app ensure that you are properly awake before the alarm is allowed to be turned off.

  1. QR Code: You can choose any QR code, and later will have to scan it in order to turn off the alarm.
  2. Shaking
  3. Sorting: A grid of numbers will be generated, and the user will have to hit the numbers in ascending order before the alarm can be silenced.
  4. Equations: There are 3 levels of difficulties for the mathematical equations which will be presented to users.

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Apart from the options to turn off the alarms, Clever Alarm also lets you choose from among a variety of sounds which will be used to wake you up. In addition to the default sounds, you can even pick a song from the music library of your WP7. The color of the clock is customizable from the settings menu, and you can also choose the number of time you are allowed to snooze any alarm. The Nap and New alarm button perform almost the exact same functionality, but only differ in the way the wake-up time is set.

You can get Clever Alarm for free by heading to the web marketplace link below.

Download Clever Alarm

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