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ClockworkMod Recovery Now Available For LG Revolution

In case you opted to go with LG Revolution 4G and decided to root your phone following the guide posted here, then there is some great news for you. Folks over at XDA have managed to port custom ClockworkMod Recovery on Revolution 4G that now enables users with root to flash new ROMs, play with better kernels and make backups or do restores. As the official ClockworkMod Recovery support for Revolution 4G isn’t available in ROM Manager, so you will need to have ample command over ADB to flash this recovery.


As per the developer, the requirements for installing / flashing custom CWM Recovery on LG Revolution 4G are:

  • Root Access On LG Revolution
  • ADB Shell Access. You can head to the guide posted here to install ADB on your computer and access your phone.
  • Ability to follow instructions to the core to reduce chances of messing up.

As the set of instructions associated with this recovery installation is highly advanced and getting consistently updated, so you will need to get them straight from official XDA developers thread posted here.

Here are the credits:

    • Majorpay
    • birdman
    • Nemith
    • Fattire
    • STACKS (initial testing)
    • Koush / CyanogenMod team for ClockworkMod
    • thecubed

    For those who want to avoid complications of this guide should wait for a simpler method to surface. Some industrious hackers at XDA are in process of coding a simple ClockworkMod Recovery installer for LG Revolution which will be released for public testing in couple of days. We will cover that as well so stay tuned.

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