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Conmigo Is An Expense Management App For Roommates [Android]

Looking for a way to get rid of those daily tussles with your roommates over expenses and debts? Maybe Conmigo can help. Conmigo is an budget/expense management app for Android users who’re sharing an accommodation (or whatever resources for that matter) and want to settle all its expenses with their partners without running into unwanted disputes. The app focuses on keeping a detailed record of all the transactions that occur between partners sharing various resources and lets you know exactly how much each owes to the other to get their accounts settled. With Conmigo, you can create groups of participants, get informative tips, manage transaction history and settle accounts with individual participants or all.


Users new to Conmigo can sign up for a free account from within the app. You can use your Conmigo/Facebook account to log into the app. To begin using the app, you must add at least one partner. Just enter the name of the partner and tap the green plus (+) button to move to the app’s homescreen. You have the choice of adding as many participants as you like from the same screen.

Conmigo utilizes the screen space perfectly to display all the important expense/debt information pertaining to various participants in the group and the amount that each one owes to you and vice versa. In addition, the app’s homescreen contains the settings, History, Add (expense) and Settle Up buttons, each packing multiple features.

02-Conmigo-Android-Add-Participants04-Conmigo-Android-Add Expense

That’s not all, Conmigo shows some very useful tips (on its homescreen) that may help you act timely and remind you which of your partners should be the next one to pay their debts. In addition, it also lets you know exactly how much you should be paying in order to get your debts cleared once and for all.

You can view all the expense information for each participant through a couple of circles; one larger than the other. Tap on the smaller circle to toggle debt information from your perspective or from those of your participants. By tapping on a participant (icon), you can add information about their expenses or settle up with them. In case you wish to add expenses, you have the choice to select from as many as 10 different categories ranging from shopping to rent to taxes etc. For reminders, you can add the exact amount, category, date and some brief description for each expense.

On the History screen, you can view all the transactions and settlements with various partners along with the dates on which they occurred. You can tap on a transaction to update it. Transactions can also be deleted from this screen. To delete all data pertaining to your account, tap on the settings button and select Delete Group.


From the Settle Up screen, you can check details of all the expenses and settlements with your partners. From here, you can settle up with individual partners by tapping the green Settle button beside the name of each or you may settle all debts at once by tapping the Break it even button. Any transaction that you make/modify automatically gets updated on the homescreen and the grand total of all expenses gets aggregated on the Settle Up screen along with information about payments received from each participant..

So, no more need to maintain all those diaries to record your shared expenses for the entire month, only for your roommates to deny them in the end. While iOS users wait for Conmigo to be released on the iTunes App store, Android users can visit the Android Market to grab the app for free.

Download Conmigo for Android


  1. I use similar app Settle Up. It doesn’t have such a fancy graphics, but more features: online sync, currency conversions, uneven split, … and UI is also simple.

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