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MobileNoter: Create & Sync Notes From iPhone, iPad & Android To MS OneNote

When it comes to notes, Microsoft’s official OneNote 2010 is the utility which sets the standard for all other note-taking apps. MobileNoter is an app for  iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Android devices which not only lets you create notes on your device, but also syncs these notes with OneNote 2010 to present an awesome blend of everything related to note-taking. More after the break.

MobileNoterCreating a Note

If for a minute, you forget all about the syncing part of the app, the note-taking part is pretty cool in its own right. You can add attachments with each note. These can include pictures, audio and even video. You can also link to external sources as well as a to anything within your device.

Another cool feature offered by this app is the addition of tags in notes. An extensive list of tags is already available in the app which helps you categorize your notes properly.

Home pageTagsSearch

That’s about it for the note-taking part. Now we come to the real goodness of this app. Once you have created a note, you can sync it with your OneNote account over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Similarly, all your OneNote content will be pulled from the same account and made available on your iDevice. Simply set up an account for MobileNoter and link your two accounts with each other. If you have any confusion regarding the set up, help notes are already given within the app. So just one thing left to do now – heading over to the download link below and grabbing this wonderful free app.

Download MobileNoter (iPhone)

Download MobileNoter (iPad)

Download MobileNoter (Android)

[via LifeHacker]


  1. actually it’s not free. or better sync is not free at all.

    unfortunately, the microsoft onenote app is not available wordwide!

  2. This was great last year when the microsoft onenote app wasnt availiable in Australia – I almost actually paid for the full version but now the microsoft app does the job and is free!

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