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TWC TV: Control TV Channels & Watch Your Favorite Programs On iPhone

Time Warner Cable TV is a widely used service all over the US, and if you are a subscriber of TWC TV, here is the good news; you can now control the service from your iPhone via the newly released app. TWC TV has been around for the iPad for quite a while, but recently the app went universal, and if you are a user of Time Warner Cable, you can now control your TV via the iOS app, and not only that, you will also be able to stream live TV on your iPhone or iPad whenever you are connected to your home network. This spells the end of all those fights about which channel to watch, as thanks to the TWC TV app, you can have as many screens as you want. Watching TV shows on your iPhone’s small screen might not be too much fun, but it’s still better than nothing, and TWC TV has got some extra features on offer as well, like a detailed TV guide and DVR control.

TWC TV Guide TWC TV Program TWC TV Schedule

TWC TV has 4 menus on its main screen. In Live TV, you can see what’s on different channels right now, and watch the programs (only the channels you are subscribed to will show up here). To control the channels, you can go to the options menu for each of them, and Record shows as well. The app is a really useful place for viewing all the scheduling information regarding all channels. Every program which is currently on air, or will be in the next 7 days, is listed in the Guide section. A short description of the current installment of a program is given in its dedicated menu, along with the details of its cast and other crew.

Using TWC TV, you can control the DVR of Time Warner, if you have one, and there is a separate menu for that. The app also indicates if a show is available in HD or not. The app might not work with jailbroken devices, but that shouldn’t be much of a problem, as there is the jailbreak detection bypass tweak, xCon for that.

The app is available as a free download in the App Store, and you can stream live TV only if you have a Time Warner Standard package or higher. Even without that though, TWC TV isn’t too bad as you will get all that extra information regarding shows and channels.

Download TWC TV for iOS

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  • Anonymous

    This app actually looks pretty easy to use; it’s just too bad that it’s still limited in comparison to the DISH Remote Access App. I do a lot of cooking so I record shows that have a recipe I’d like to make and then I play my DVR recording on my mobile device as I’m cooking. It can get a little messy hitting pause and rewind (thank goodness for my screen protector) but it’s the greatest way to incorporate the TV shows I love with what I love to do. Since I have a Sling Adapter, I can use the DISH Remote Access app to watch LIVE TV and my DVR recordings everywhere I have access to Wi-Fi or mobile 3G network so I don’t have to stay at home. Ever since I started working for DISH I’ve had my hands on mobile TV and I wouldn’t let it go now that I know how useful it is and how free I can be off of the couch.